• The Founding Members of Global Compact Network Italy appoint the new Board of Directors: some confirmations and many news

    This year’s first meeting of the Founding Members of Global Compact Network Italy was held on May 21 at FEEM - Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in Milan. More than 30 representatives of member companies and organizations took part in the meeting. One of the objectives of the meeting was to elect the Network’s new Board of Directors and administration as part of the wider renewal of the Statutory Bodies, which takes place every three years.

    The new Board of Directors is composed of 11 Members including: - 8 professionals from companies (two of them being SMEs) active in various production sectors; - 3 from the non-profit world. The business/non-business relationship within the new Board of Directors perfectly reflects the composition of the Network at the national level (2/3 companies, 1/3 stakeholder organizations).