The updates to the COP policy include the following:

  • The COP Policy now outlines the new Differentiation Programme, and defines the requirements and expectations of these levels of participation:
    • The GC Active level
    • The GC Advanced level
    • The Learner Platform
  • More emphasis has been placed on communication with stakeholders.
  • The policy reflects the necessity to communicate on all four issue areas (Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption), starting with a participant's first COP submission.
  • In cases where a COP does not address one or more of the four issue areas, a company may now explain in its COP why a particular issue area is not relevant to its context of operation ("report or explain"). Such an explanation satisfies a company's obligation to describe actions in a particular issue area.
  • Companies that do not meet the minimum requirements of the GC Active level will be given a one-time 12-month grace period to amend their COP before they will be designated non-communicating.
  • Companies that meet 24 advanced criteria have the option of participating at the GC Advanced level.
  • The COP Policy now covers the alignment of a company's standard reporting cycle with a company's COP submission deadline.
  • The format has changed to make the policy easier to read.

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