Foundation Members

Membership is open to:

  • Italian businesses and organizations participating in the UNGC;
  • subsidiaries of multinational companies participating in the UNGC which operate in Italy;
  • businesses, not exercised on an individual basis and with less than ten employees (micro-enterprises), which are located in Italy.

Foundation members are divided into:

  • Promoting Founders: these are the companies and organizations who have endorsed and promoted from the beginning the path that led to the creation of the Foundation by participating in its deployment phase.
  • Founders: these are the companies and organizations that have become part of the Foundation undertaking to contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the same, not only supporting the organization financially, but also participating actively in the institutional life and the implementation of planned initiatives.


Companies and/or organizations may qualify as Participants which, sharing the aims of the Foundation and being interested in participating in initiatives and activities which it organizes throughout the country, decide to support the Foundation through annual cash contributions in an amount not less than that established by the Board of Directors for the Participants.
The status of the Participant, unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors, may be kept for up to one year, after which the Participant companies and/or organizations may submit an application to the Executive Council for admission to the Founders.

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