"THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND THE PARIS CLIMATE CONFERENCE: A NEW ERA FOR BUSINESS?" CONVENTION – This event, held on 15th March 2015 at the Milan headquarters, was sponsored by the Global Compact Network Italy in partnership with Assolombarda, CSR Manager Network and the Sodalitas Foundation. The main purpose of the conference was to create an opportunity for discussion and joint reflection on the role that the private sector is called upon to perform as part of the challenging institutional framework for sustainable development which emerged during 2015, with the launch of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the new Paris Agreement on Climate (COP21). Read the Note on the outcome


In 2016, the Global Compact Network Italy promoted two events which provide distinct hubs of shared and innovative discussion and planning on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations for 2030: the SDGs HGH LEVEL MEETING and the ITALIAN BUSINESS & SDGs ANNUAL FORUM.

The Global Compact Network Italy organizes both events every year.


BUSINESS & SDGs HIGH LEVEL MEETING - this is a closed-door meeting that brings together the CEOs of large Italian firms that have made a commitment to integrating the SDGs into their corporate strategies and/or to reviewing current strategies and/or operational practices in terms of the SDGs. The specific aims of the initiative are as follows: - to create an opportunity for discussion at the highest level on sustainable development issues; - to record and share the CEOs’ commitments to the SDGs 2030; - to collect good business practices on global goals and to then promote them at national and international level.

The first edition of the Business & SDGs High Level Meeting was held on 13th September 2016 in Rome at Enel SpA’s headquarters. The meeting was attended by CEOs from the following companies: Acea, Acque, Edison, Enel, Saipem, and Terna. Read the Note on the outcome

The second edition of the Business & SDGs High Level Meeting was held at the Edison SpA headquarters in Milan on 18th May. People from the highest offices (Presidents, Managing Directors, Leading Managers) of large and medium-sized Italian companies from various production sectors, with a solid sustainability profile, met together around the table: A2A, AirPlus International, Alcantara, BNL – Gruppo BNP Paribas, Borsa Italiana, E&Y, Enel, Edison, Gruppo Hera, Saipem, Salini Impregilo. The content of this meeting was further enhanced by the contributions made by distinguished guests who took part in the discussion: George KELL - Vice-President of Arabesque and former Director General of the UN Global Compact; Sergio MERCURI – Minister Plenipotentiary, Coordinator for Sustainability Issues – Directorate General for Globalization and Global Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Read the Note on the outcome

The third edition of the CEO Meeting was held on 10 July 2018 in Milan and was hosted by A2A SpA at the House of the Environment and Energy. Circular Economy was the main focus of the meeting, with particular emphasis on innovation opportunities related to the topic. The following Speakers give their contribution to the initiative: Marco FREY - President of GCNI and Fabio IRALDO - Professor at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. In addition, the round table saw the active participation of Hugo-Maria SCHALLY - Director of Sustainable Production, Products and Consumption - Circular Economy and Green Growth of the European Commission, who offered a representation of the institutional framework in support of the businesses’ commitment for the Circular Economy and illustrated all the opportunities coming out from the adoption of Circular Economic Models.List of participants


The fourth edition of the CEO Meeting was held on April 4th in Rome and was organized with the support of Terna. The event was focused on Finance in support of Sustainable Development, with particular attention to the importance of promoting responsible investments - capable of taking into account risk, return and impact - that support companies that are adopting an approach to business oriented towards sustainable development and that are actively investing in it.

Luca TORCHIA, Head of External Relations and Sustainability - Terna and Marco FREY, President Global Compact Network Italia, introduced the meeting. Marie MORICE, Head of Sustainable Finance at UN Global Compact, provided participants with the latest updates on the activities that UNGC is carrying out on the theme of "sustainable finance". Christian STRACKE, Global Head of Credit Research at PIMCO – one of the most important global investment manager - offered interesting insights for the debate with his keynote speech, underlining the potential of Agenda 2030 as a reference framework and element of dialogue between companies and investors to have a real impact on communities’ wellbeing.

List of Participants


ITALIAN BUSINESS & SDGS ANNUAL FORUM - The Forum is open to the participation of companies from various sectors, civil society organizations, academic bodies and institutions and is aimed primarily at promoting a high-profile multi-stakeholder discussion on the role that the private sector is called upon to play in support of achieving the United Nations SDGs for 2030 The Forum is like a laboratory where the sharing of knowledge, experiences and guidelines leads to the production of innovative ideas geared towards common goals. As part of the Forum there is “bridge building” between the different experiences recorded at national level, and new forms of collaboration and shared planning for sustainable development are created.

The first edition of the Italian Business & SDGs Annual Forum was held in Venice (San Servolo) on 26th September 2016 and was organized in collaboration with the VIU - Venice International University and the Ca' Foscari University in Venice and with the support of FriulAdria and Edison SpA.
Read the Note on the outcome – Download the Forum Report - Go to the Photo Gallery

The second edition of the Italian Business & SDGs Annual Forum, promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy, was held on 26th-27th September 2017 in the splendid medieval-Renaissance town of Lucca. The event was hosted by the Sofidel Group and organized with the support of A2A and Edison. Read the Note on the outcome - Go to the Photo Gallery

The third edition of the SDG Forum was held on 11 and 12 of October 2018 in Matera – 2019 European Capital of Culture - and was organized in collaboration with FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Matteiunder the auspices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Municipality of Matera, Confindustria Basilicata, Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 and with the support of Edison, Ergo, Leonardo, Reale Mutua and Terna.

Go to the Report on third edition | Visit the Photo Gallery

  • Download Chantal Hamende’s [Sustainability – Planning, Projects and Reporting Manager, Terna S.p.A.] PPT presentation
  • Download Carlo Strazza’s [Environment & Climate Change, RINA Consulting S.p.A.] PPT presentation
  • Download Francesca Magliulo’s [Corporate Responsibility Manager, Edison SpA] PPT presentation

The fourth edition of the SDG Forum was held on 14-15 of October 2019 in Trieste - European Capital of Science Esof 2020, hosted by Gruppo Hera and organized with the support of Assicurazioni Generali, illycaffè, Leonardo, MIB Trieste - School of Management, under the auspicies of MAECI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Municipality of Trieste and Confindutria Venezia Giulia.


COLLECTIVE ACTIONS FOR SDGs - In 2018, the Global Compact Network Italy launched and implemented two Collective Actions aimed at promoting the United Nations Global Goals at national level. The two Collective Actions involved companies and stakeholder organizations and focused on the following action priorities (coming out from the 2017 edition of the Italian Business & SDGs Annual Forum): the Sustainable Supply-chain Management and the development of communication and innovation with reference to a circular approach to the economy.

>> For further information on the Collective Action for SDGs


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