The TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform has to be considered as a tool to support companies in self-evaluating their sustainability strategies and performances, also giving them the possibility to track their progresses, to benchmark their company’s sustainability performances against peers and to share the self-assessment results with the TenP Platform Partners (namely the companies that supported the creation of the Platform and/or that contribute to its continuous implementation) always maintaining the complete control over who can view their data.

Developed and directly managed by the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation to support its participating companies to collect and share information on their supplier’s sustainability performances, it is freely available for every company interested in using it coherently with the purposes it has been created for.

The TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform is based on the United Nations Global Compact Ten Principles also taking into consideration the most relevant international agreements, conventions and standards.

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"Il valore delle partnership"
Interview with Daniela Bernacchi, GCNI
Rome, December 9, 2019

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