The UN Global Compact Network Italy Statute specifies (Art 12 bis) that “Addressees of the Activities” are the “Founders”, the “Promoting Founders” and “all organizations adhering to the UN Global Compact”.

Organizations adhering to the UN Global Compact, whether business or non-business, may apply to the Board of Directors of UN Global Compact Network Italy to become “Founders”. The move from the status of organization adhering to UN Global Compact to that of “Founder”, does not envisage the payment of any fee beyond that already due on the basis of the Engagement Tier of the organization in question.



The following may become “Founder Members” of UN Global Compact Network Italy:

  • Italian companies and/or organizations adhering to the UN Global Compact;
  • subsidiaries of multinational companies adhering to the UN Global Compact which operate in Italy;
  • companies with fewer than ten employees (micro-enterprises), but not sole traders, with registered offices in Italy.

“Founder Members” are divided between:

  • Founding Promoters: companies and organizations that have shared and promoted, from the beginning, the path leading to the constitution of UN Global Compact Network Italy as a Foundation after ten years’ activity as an informal group.
  • Founders: companies and organizations joining UN Global Compact Network Italy and committing themselves to implementation of its goals, not only by supporting the organization financially, but by taking an active part in its institutional life and in carrying out its programmed initiatives.


Sustainability, our common challenge
Since it was established in 2013, over 70 organizations committed to sustainable development have joined the UN Global Compact Network Italy. Of these, most are large firms. Together with our members and the Italian for profit and non profit sectors participating in the UN Global Compact, we are spreading the its Ten Principles and the United Nations 2030 Agenda at the national level, through an innovative approach to the production of knowledge and to action, the promotion of multi-stakeholder partnerships and the dissemination of good practices.


  • to maximize the effects and benefits of participation in the UN Global Compact
  • to act together as part of a heterogeneous Network for the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda
  • to strengthen relations with institutions, firms and organizational stakeholders committed to sustainability at national level
  • to improve sustainability strategies and policies through dialogue and the comparison with Italian best practices
  • to join multi-stakeholder partnership or collective actions which are characterized by an innovative approach to corporate ethics and by the objective of experimenting with new operational solutions in the fields of sustainability