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Years 1, no. 1
July - August 2013


The Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was established in 2002 to contribute to the development in Italy of the "Global Compact", a project designed to promote the culture of corporate citizenship launched, in 1999, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Considering this objective, the Network operates as an information platform, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rightslabourenvironment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of "a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy".

In June 2013, the GCNI  became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation.

Currently, 21 organizations adhere to the Foundation as founders or participants.


Global Compact Network Italy Foundation created.  On June 10th 2013, the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI), active since 2002, became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation. Taking up the mission of the Network, it aims to spread the knowledge of the UNGC, favouring the increase of subscribers throughout the country and, with increasing seriousness and credibility, also aims to promote the commitment to corporate sustainability among the businesses and organizations of Italian members and their partners. Moreover, the Foundation intends to support the creation of "a more inclusive and sustainable economy" at global level, playing an active role also at regional and international levels in terms of the development of the issues of interest and promotion of the UNGC Ten Principles and sustainability good practices. Eighteen organizations took part in the Foundation’s establishment, private enterprises (of different productive sectors and dimensions), universities and research centres, non-profit foundations and civil society organizations. This Autumn, the official event for the Foundation launch will take place. Visit the Foundation website

The GCNI Foundation Newsletter service is now active. In this first issue, the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation has activated its Newsletter service, aimed at: informing users about the Foundation institutional life and the projects and initiatives which have been implemented or scheduled; communicating all updates on the United Nations Global Compact policies and the main news from the policy community active at national and international level on sustainability issues; raising awareness about projects and activities carried out by the Members and Participants of the Foundation, as well as their social and reporting documents and publications on matters of interest. The GCNI Foundation Newsletter is produced in Italian and English and will come out bi-monthly.

Working-Group “Environment”: updating on activities. The first meeting of the Working Group “Environment” was held on June 10th in Rome. Representatives of the following organizations took part in the initiative: Acea S.p.a., Enel, Eni, Fondazione Sviluppo Sostenibile, Gruppo Generali, Gruppo Italcementi, Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit. As the main outcome of the meeting, the Group decided to work on the theme “Eco-system services in business management”, considering the strong interdependence between eco-system services and society’s state of wellbeing. Activities will be organized in three phases respectively aimed at: developing a line of reasoning on the interdependence existing between business activity and eco-system services, starting from an analysis of the practices implemented by companies; at producing a guidance document aimed at businesses and identifying a specific measurement indicator for businesses’ performances; and at discussing the best way to report on the businesses’ performances in the field of eco-system services management. The next meeting will be held in Rome on July 8th.

Working-Group “Sustainable Supply-Chain”: updating on activities. In 2011 a Working Group focused on the topic of supply-chain responsible management was established within the Global Compact Network Italy. As a first result, the Group produced a pre-qualification questionnaire to use within the business process of suppliers’ selection and which was structured to fit the four areas of the United Nation Global Compact Principles (human rights, environment, labour, anti-corruption). Currently, the Group is engaged in setting up a system to share the data collected through the implementation of the questionnaire. The following organizations are participating in the pilot phase of the project: A2A, Ansaldo STS, Edison, Eni, Gruppo Italcementi e Nestlé Italiana. Further information will be available shortly on the Foundation website.


July 8, Rome

The seminar on “Eco-system services in business management”, organized by Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, with the collaboration of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa and Consorzio Universitario per la Ricerca Socioeconomica e per l' Ambiente – CURSA, will be held in the afternoon on July 8th in Rome, at the venue of Unicredit. The ecosystem services play a vital role in society. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment estimates that the loss of ecosystem services contributes to food and energy insecurity, increases vulnerability towards natural disasters, such as floods or tropical storms, decreases the level of health, reduces the availability and quality of water resources and undermines cultural heritage. The ecosystem services also represent a significant portion of the total economic value of the planet. The meeting, open to the participation of all Foundation members, is aimed at investigating the role of ecosystem services in business management and introducing some tools for the quantification and mapping of the same, emphasizing some of the best practices identified on the national scene. Read the meeting schedule

July 23, Milan

In March 2013, the Working Group "Reporting" was established as a part of the Global Compact Network Italy, also with the collaboration of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei - FEEM and Fondazione Sodalitas. The activities of the Group are aimed at a cross-reading of the sustainability reporting frameworks most widely used by companies and an analysis of the existing interconnections among them. The Group is composed of representatives of the companies joining the Global Compact Network Italy with extensive experience in the production of sustainability reporting documents. Professor Chiara Mio, from University Ca' Foscari, is responsible for the scientific coordination of activities. The next meeting is scheduled for July 23 at 10.30 a.m. in Milan.

September 19 -20, New York

The Global Compact Italy Foundation is involved in the organization of some of its members as well as its own participation, on behalf of the Italian Network, in the "UNGC Leader Summit 2013: architects of a better world", which will be held in New York on September 19th – 20th. The event will be chaired by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a Better World will bring together chief executives with leaders from civil society, governments and the United Nations to unveil a new global architecture for corporate sustainability. As the Millennium Development Goals 2015 deadline approaches, the Summit will set the stage for businesses to shape and advance the post-2015 development agenda – putting forward a framework for businesses to contribute to global priorities, such as climate change, water, food, women's empowerment, children's rights, decent jobs, and education, at unprecedented levels. For further information, click here


Sodalitas Observatory on Social Marketing: June 2013 data publication.During the month of June 2013, Sodalitas Foundation made ​​public the data processed by its Observatory on  Social Marketing on the gross investment in Cause Related Marketing carried out in Italy in 2012. Overall, at national level the volume of gross investment in CRM recorded, during the survey period, a decrease of 18.4% compared to the previous year, while the ten companies in CRM big spenders in 2012 were: Pool Pharma (Kilocal), ALESSANDERX SPA, MICYS COMPANY (Pupa), Industries (Moncler), Conad, ED.PIZZARDI, Procter & Gamble, LUCE BIANCA (Le Bebè Gioielli), Pomellato e Samsung. For further information, click here

COP Differentiation Programme: Edison reaches the “Advanced” reporting level. With the publication of the 2012 Sustainability Report, the reporting level “Advanced”, which is the maximum level which can be attained according to the United Nations Global Compact COP Differentiation Programme, has been assigned to Edison. The Report was prepared in accordance with the guidelines "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Electric Utilities Sector Supplement (EUSS)” defined by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and based on the GRI-G3 Guidelines. Download the Report

Published: Terna 2012 Sustainability Report. Terna published its eighth Sustainability Report which, produced in accordance with the "G3.1" Guidelines of GRI - Global Reporting Initiative,  for the fourth year consecutively, complies with the requirements of the GRI Guidelines "A+" application level, the maximum standard obtainable. For further information, click here


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