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Years 1, no. 3
November - December 2013


The Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was established in 2002 to contribute to the development in Italy of the "Global Compact", a project designed to promote the culture of corporate citizenship launched, in 1999, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Considering this objective, the Network operates as an information platform, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labour, environment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of "a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy".

In June 2013, the GCNI became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation.

Currently, 27 organizations adhere to the Foundation as founders or participants.


Communication on Engagement: new commitments of reporting for non-business participants. On 31 October 2013 the Global Compact introduced a Communication on Engagement (COE) for non-business participants. This reporting mechanism aims to provide non-business participants with an opportunity to engage more actively in the initiative and to better connect with business participants. The COE is a tool for non-business participants express their commitment through transparency and communicate the ways they advance the Global Compact. In the spirit of continuous improvement and engagement, non-business participants will be required to disclose specific activities in support of the initiative to stakeholders every two years, as well as results. To learn more, click here

New adhesions to the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation. In September, four new companies joined the Foundation with the status of "Participant". They are: Auchan S.p.A., Barilla G. and R. Fratelli, K.P.M.G. S.p.A. and Sma S.p.A.. On October 30th, the Board of Directors of the Foundation finally approved the membership request of ABI - Italian Banking Association and UniCredit as "Founders". The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation would like to welcome its new founders and participants!

Global Compact Network Italy Foundation: objectives and activities": publication. The event "Global Compact Network Italy Foundation: objectives and activities" was held in Milan, at the venue of FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, on October 30th. The meeting focused on an in-depth analysis of the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and a presentation of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, established last June after ten years of activity of the Global Compact Network Italy with the primary aim of contributing to the development of the UNGC in Italy. Through their contributions, five of the businesses which make up the Directive Board (Edison, Eni, Italcementi, Gruppo Generali, Terna), described the possible ways of involvement of Founders and Participants in the Foundation programs and activities and they clarified the benefits and the opportunities of the adhesion. Representatives of several companies of different sizes and productive sectors attended the meeting, as well as non-profit organizations and academic institutions engaged in issues of corporate sustainability. To view the Presentation of the UNGC and the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, click here

Board of Directors and Foundation Member meetings. The Board of Directors and the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation Members’ meetings were held in Milan on 30th of October at the headquarters of FEEM - Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei. During the two meetings the guidelines of the Foundation for 2014 were presented and shared and its first budget plan was discussed and approved. Representatives of businesses and organizations who are Participants of the Foundation also attended the Members’ meeting in the role of observers.

“Anti-corruption” Working Group: update on activities. The last meeting of the "Anti-corruption" Working Group was held on October 22nd in Milan at the venue of Intesa Sanpaolo. As the main outcome of the meeting, a semi-final draft of the "Matrix on the business areas of risk to corruption" was produced. The final version of Matrix will be presented during the next meeting scheduled for 29th of January 2014. Over the next few months, in line with the objectives which the Working Group has adopted for the year 2014, a series of meetings devoted to the comparison of practices and best practice implemented by the companies in the Group in managing areas of risk to corruption identified in a systematic way thanks to the construction of the Matrix will be organized. For more information on the activities of the Working Group, please send an e-mail to info@globalcompactnetwork.org

"Children's Rights and Business Principles": UNICEF Italy, GCNI Foundation and Save the Children together for the rights of children. On October 28th 2013, UNICEF Italy, Global Compact Network Italy Foundation and Save the Children Italy introduced in Italy the “Children's Rights and Business Principles”, a call on business to step up their efforts to respect and support children’s rights in the workplace, marketplace and community. To learn more, read the Press release

The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation is social!

Since October 2013, the Global Compact Network Italy has been active once again on the social network Twitter. Through its Twitter profile, the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation aims to:

  • provide information about its activities (programs, initiatives and events, publications, broadcasting media presence, etc.)
  • present the companies and organizations that are Founders and Participants of the GCNI Foundation
  • inform new members about the Foundation GCNI
  • promote the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact
  • give information about news and initiatives of the United Nations Global Compact
  • disseminate good practices of sustainability and CSR implemented by companies that adhere to the GCNI Foundation
  • give information about initiatives on sustainability issues (programs, initiatives and events, publications, etc.) that are promoted by companies and organizations which support the GCNI Foundation

UNGC Leaders Summit 2013: new resources. Discover the new publications of the United Nations Global Compact and other key partners launched at the Leaders Summit 2013 which was held in New York on 19th-20th of September 2013, by clicking here


Annual Forum of the United Nations Global Compact European Networks. The annual meeting of the European Networks of the United Nations Global Compact will be held in Madrid on 20th to 22nd of November. Mainly aimed at identifying common solutions to the challenges posed by the development of the Global Compact on a regional and global scale and by the definition and operationalization of the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the meeting also represents an important opportunity for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and information among representatives of the European Local Networks. For further information on the annual meetings of the European Local Networks, click here

“Reporting” Working Group: planning of activities. It will be available by the end of November, the planning of the activities for the year 2014 of the Reporting Working Group. During the meeting held by video-conference link between the two venues of ABI - Italian banking association (in Rome) and FEEM - Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation (in Milan) on November 8th, companies and organizations participating in the Working Group led a study of the principle of materiality as understood in the GRI Guidelines - G4 and a reflection on the difficulties in implementing it within their reporting processes. They also clearly defined the lines of action of the Working Group for the coming year. The specific activities that the Working Group will carry on during the next year will be defined in greater detail within the next weeks. For more information on the activities of the Working Group, please send an e-mail to info@globalcompactnetwork.org



Transparency International Italia is organizing the conference “Fostering the Italian System with Integrity in the Green Economy” under the aegis of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea. The event will be held on November 15, 2013, at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan. The conference is part of the three-year project of Transparency International Italia "Green Clean Market", sponsored by the Siemens Integrity System, in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration, with the purpose of preventing corruption and fraud in the green economy sector. Within the scope of project, now in its final year, the risks of corruption and the best practices in terms of integrity in the fields of renewable energy and sustainable mobility have been analyzed. Institutional representatives, the business society and civil organizations have shared guidelines and collaborated in order to develop anti-corruption tools. The meeting will be opened by a panel discussion on the recommendations come to light as results of the project. It will bring together representatives from various national institutions, including the Department of Public Administration and the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, as well as representatives of Unioncamere and relevant associations. The afternoon sessions will be devoted to the debate among experts and representatives of organizations and institutions to discuss the best practices which have emerged from the project implementation in the pilot areas. The socio-cultural challenges this sector is facing will be also addressed along with the role of civil society in strengthening the rule of law and the integrity of markets. During the last session the First President of the Lombardy Region, Piero Bassetti, will take the floor and will focus his intervention over the challenge represented by the responsibility to innovate. Download the event leaflet


The fifth edition of "SIF - Sustainability International Forum" will be held in Rome at the "Casa dell'Architettura" (House of Architecture) on November 20th and 21st. The SIF has been a favorite spot for years for dialogue and exchange among businesses, institutions, academia, associations, students and citizens: a modern agora where one can reflect on challenges and trends in the world in terms of sustainable development, to analyze the way in which globalization, green and blue economy are influencing and guiding the evolution of economic growth on a human scale. The SIF is an initiative promoted by Pentapolis - Association for social responsibility, with the collaboration of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, The Club of Rome and WWF.
To view the program of the Forum, click here


On 6-7 November 2013 was held in Rimini the 2nd edition of the States General of the Green Economy in the context of Ecomondo - Key Energy - Cooperambiente. The central theme of the two days : "A Green New Deal for Italy". On that occasion, were presented the Roadmap for the development of the green economy as a way out of the economic crisis and a package of 10 measures for a Green New Deal to the presence of the Minister of Environment, Andrea Orlando and the Minister of Economic development, Flavio Zanonato, as well as representatives of organizations organizations (OECD , UNEP, EU) and several experts. The States General of the Green Economy, italian follow-up to the UN Conference of Rio+20, is an initiative promoted by the National Council of the Green Economy in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development. One of the "assets" of the States General of the Green Economy is an innovative participatory process done through a bottom-up approach which encourages the wider participation of all relevant stakeholders thanks to the work of more than 350 experts divided into 10 working groups, coordinated by Marco Frey, Raimondo Orsini, Gianni Silvestrini, Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, Roberto Morabito, Andrea Barbabella, Roberto Coizet, Walter Facciotto, Gianni Squitieri, Stefano Masini. Through 10 National Assemblies, workshops and seminars between 2012 and 2013, the States General have involved 2570 stakeholders - of which more than a half is made up of representatives of industry and business organizations. Currently, the National Council of the Green Economy collects 66 business organizations and is a privileged interlocutor for those who want to see the productive sector of the green economy in Italy. (See website : www.statesgeneral.org)


Integration, mobility and efficiency are the principles that have inspired the transformation of Snam's IT systems in recent years. A profound change that has led to the adoption of technologies which, implemented in particular in the operations of Italgas, the subsidiary active in the distribution of natural gas to the general public, have produced significant benefits not only in terms of costs but also as regards emissions, paper savings and an increase in productivity. Every year Italgas manages over 2 million appointments at user premises, 600,000 maintenance operations, and 100,000 on-call operations. An undertaking that requires highly efficient planning, the optimisation of resources and the continuous improvement in the quality of services. The Workforce Management programme, launched in 2007, acted as a strong stimulus for the development of innovative projects which, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies, changed the way that the Italgas technical team works. A virtuous process that was given further impetus by Gas to Go, an App designed and developed by the Snam ICT department that integrates perfectly with company systems and databases and which, through the gradual adoption of 1300 Apple iPads used by technical staff and workers, has produced numerous positive externalities such as the saving of at least 5 tonnes of paper and the 12,500 kwh required to manufacture it; a reduction in the number of kilometres travelled per day (-30% in two years) and the consequent reduction in CO2 emissions; a 100% increase in productivity in just over two years; a reduction in the works final accounting time, from 20 days in 2007 to 0.1 days in 2013; a reduction in margins of error caused by transcription inaccuracies and the launch of remote training courses to reduce staff transfers.


The new Social Report of Sodalitas Foundation is entitled "The Value of Responsibility" and is now available online at www.sodalitasreport.it. The document describes the results of the initiatives developed by the Foundation over the last year thanks to the involvement of the 93 Italian businesses adhering and that invest 800 million euro as annual resources in sustainability. "Even in 2012 Sodalitas Foundation tried to be a reference point for businesses that feel this responsibility to the community, the land and the needs of the people" - said Diana Bracco, President of the Foundation Sodalitas - "As many as 14 new companies joined our Foundation in 2012, confirming that, even in a difficult time for the country, the most forward-thinking businesses confirm the long-term commitment towards Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility". Thanks to the businesses currently adhering and to volunteer managers who work there, Sodalitas Foundation has been able to develop a variety of initiatives linked by a common vision to build a sustainable future. The commitment that Sodalitas Foundation has carried out in the last year has been recognized by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano – who on May 15th, 2012 received in private audience the President Diana Bracco and 30 top managers representing companies that adhere to Sodalitas Foundation - and the European Commission, which chose the Foundation as Italian partner for the first edition of the European CSR Award. The Award, designed to give visibility to the best firm-stakeholder partnership of Europe, has been promoted in 30 countries and has seen the participation of 750 companies.


For further information on the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation visit the website www.globalcompactnetwork.org or send an e-mail to info@globalcompactnetwork.org

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