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Years 2, no. 4
January - February 2014


The Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was established in 2002 to contribute to the development in Italy of the "Global Compact", a project designed to promote the culture of corporate citizenship launched, in 1999, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Considering this objective, the Network operates as an information platform, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labour, environment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of "a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy".

In June 2013, the GCNI became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation.

Currently, 29 organizations adhere to the Foundation as founders or participants.


Global Compact Logo Policy Update to Take Effect 1 January 2014. Starting 1 January 2014, there will be an update to the Global Compact Logo Policy. This update will clarify the criteria used in reviewing requests to use the "We support the Global Compact" logo made by business participants. Once the update takes effect, the criteria will include a requirement that business participants will have made an annual contribution to the Foundation for the Global Compact in the preceding twelve months in order to use the "We support the Global Compact" logo. The contextualized COP logo will continue to be available for download and use within a Participant's COP without prior permission from the UN Global Compact Office. View Logo Policy update effective 1 January 2014.

European Local Networks Annual Meeting (Madrid, November 20-22). The Global Compact Local Networks Regional Meeting – Europe was held in Madrid on November 20-22, 2013. It was attended by representatives from Local Networks in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Netherlands, France, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Portugal, Nordic countries, UK, and Spain. The meeting focused primarily on outcomes from the Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013, held last September in New York, and the launch of the Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture. New issue platforms, engagement opportunities and the UN Global Compact Business Partnership Hub were presented to Local Network representatives as key outcomes of the Leaders Summit and as opportunities for businesses to contribute to the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Special attention was given to the recently launched Business for Peace and Business and Education platforms, as well as the Social Enterprise Collaboration Lab. The meeting also marked the beginning of the consultation process at regional level of the new Post-2015 Business Engagement Architecture which will be open to receive inputs from 30 December 2013. Representatives engaged in discussions on the Architecture and agreed to use the new framework as a foundation for their upcoming strategic planning process. Finally, the meeting gave the Local Network representatives the opportunity to discuss the new commitments of reporting for non-business participants recently introduced by the Global Compact.

Extended Public Consultation on the Italian Action Plan on the “United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”. In November 2013, the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation accepted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ invitation to participate in an extended public consultation on the Italian Action Plan for the Public Administration to put into action "the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights" to be carried out by the Communication from the European Commission COM (2011) 681. To such end, it involved Working Group members in the consultation, handing out the Action Plan to them and asking for their observations. The document containing the entire contribution from the Foundation on the Action Plan was sent, in coordination with the Sodalitas Foundation, on 4 December 2013 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Communication on Engagement: new reporting commitments for non-business participants. On October 31 2013, the United Nations Global Compact introduced a requirement in terms of reporting for all non-business participants in the initiative. This requirement results in the production of the so-called Communication on Engagement (COE). The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation invites all its Members and Participants to read the Global Compact Policy on Communication on Engagement, by clicking here

Leaders Summit 2013: publication of the Summary Report. The Summary Report of the United Nations Global Compact “Leaders Summit 2013: Architects of a better world” is now available on-line. The Leaders Summit 2013 was held in New York on the dates of September 19-20. To view the Report, click here


Upcoming meeting of the “Environment” Working-Group. At the beginning of February, the next web-meeting of the Global Network Italy Foundation’s “Environment” Working Group will be held. The firms participating in the Working Group will meet with the aim of the tracking the latest progress on the topic of the eco-system services which is the Working Group’s chosen focus. The ecosystem services play a vital role in society. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment estimates that the loss of ecosystem services contributes to food and energy insecurity, increases vulnerability towards natural disasters, such as floods or tropical storms, worsens health, reduces the availability and quality of water resources and undermines cultural heritage. The ecosystem services also represent a significant portion of the total economic value of the planet. The organizations involved in the activities will follow recent developments on the subject on the basis of the results of the seminar "Eco-system services in business management", which was held in Rome on July 8 2013, and organized by Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, with the collaboration of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa and Consorzio Universitario per la Ricerca Socioeconomica e per l' Ambiente – CURSA. In addition, the next meeting will provide the opportunity to define the 2014 first semester agenda.

Report on Activities 2013: work in progress. The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation is engaged in the production of its first Report on Activities intended for the Global Compact Office in New York, all organizations subscribing to the Foundation, the Foundation’s partner organizations and its internal and external stakeholders. The Report, which will be published on an annual basis, is emerging as an important tool for information-giving and communication on the aims of the Foundation, the system of governance and the people involved as staff and external collaborators, the Foundation’s members and participants, but especially on the state of implementation of the initiatives that make up the activities program of the Foundation and on the results achieved during the year of reference. The document will be produced in Italian and English versions and distributed in electronic format only. The decision not to produce a paper version is in line with the eco-friendly approach adopted by the Foundation both at the level of organizational management and of implementation of activities. This first issue of the Report refers to the time period dating from the date of establishment of the Foundation (June 10 2013) until December 31 2013.



The cooperation between Snam and the Municipality of Crema has been carried out by generating value for the company and at the same time for the area in which it operates, targeting the development of six urban areas through the active involvement of the company’s employees and local citizens. The initiative started by following Snam’s specific training needs aimed at combining integration and the unique expertise of the company’s IT unit. To achieve this goal an original team building path was created. The training program involved 60 Snam employees and the community of Crema with the aim of developing five public green areas and a school yard, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Crema and Stogit, which will continue to provide financial support to the initiative. Divided into 6 groups of 10 and in close contact with the municipality, Snam people have interacted with the territory, involving citizens in order to gather information through questionnaires and interviews, about their needs, and about technical specifications and potential suppliers of goods and services. This original and innovative approach has brought about the enhancement of the interpersonal and managerial skills of each of the participants and has improved their relationship with colleagues, suppliers and other internal customers. The 6 projects envisage works to make each of the areas accessible -  from the clean-up actions to the installation park benches and playgrounds for children – and are designed to be carried out and maintained with the support of volunteers, thus promoting the participation of residents and bringing tangible benefits to everyday life of the community of Crema.


The Sustainable Development Foundation, chaired by Edo Ronchi, is a non-profit organization which was created through the desire of companies, business associations and sustainability experts, to encourage the development of the green economy in Italy . Since 2010, the Foundation in collaboration with Fise Unire, has put together and published the Annual Report "Italy of Recycling", with sponsorship from the Ministries of the Environment and Economic Development and ISPRA. The report aims to provide a current overview on the dynamics of the European and international markets for recycled materials, trends underway in Italy and on the problems as well as the potential of the sector. Each year, the report also offers an international study and a separate chapter on technologies and innovative management. The Report, in its fourth edition in 2013, is an expression of the whole Italian recycling sector thanks to the involvement of all the recycling chains in the drafting stage: packaging (paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, wood), organic waste, rubber and used tires, WEEE, batteries and accumulators, used vehicles, waste mineral oils, oils and animal fats, construction and demolition waste, textiles waste. Also for the compilation of the Report there are working groups organized to study specific issues that ensure a thorough analysis of the problems of the sector. These working groups allow for greater collaboration between the actors operating in the sectors and between different sectors of recycling, promoting common synergies, greater knowledge, dissemination of good practices and broader visibility of a sector that continues to increase the importance of its contribution to Italy’s economy.


Employment agencies maintain a key role, but in Italy under 30s seeking work turn to the web, consulting sites dedicated to requests for work and job offers, corporate websites and – last but not least – the social networks. On Linkedin – ranked top for appreciation and effectiveness – and Facebook the pages and corporate profiles that firms maintain and update putting in more and more time and resources (not only economic), are the places to check for pertinent job ads. It is also time well spent to candidate oneself using one’s own profile: 1 out of 4 times the candidacies get a response. These are, in brief, the results which came out of the research paper “From school to work, through social networks” that the Sodalitas Foundationtogether with Randstad Italia – produced to understand how young Italians aged 18 - 30 use social networks to look for work and and whether they find them to be effective to this end. The survey reached 700 young people - 63.8% were women, 36.2% men - mainly 26 to 30 year olds (64.8%), but also 22 to 25 year olds (25.2%) and 18 to 21 year olds (10%). The educational profile of the respondents is a medium to high level: 32.7% obtained a first level degree; 41.5% obtained a second level degree (or degree according to the old system); 8% obtained a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. See the research report, by clicking  here


“Sodalitas Challenge: your ideas, your future” is the competition that the Sodalitas Foundation - in collaboration with 37 firms and 7 Technical Partners– has promoted to reward the best business ideas coming from young people. The competition is open to all Italians under 35, graduates or holding a high school diploma, unemployed or in temporary employment who have come up with innovative, entrepreneurial, sustainable ideas which can also generate new jobs. The best ideas – up to a maximum of 7 – will be taken up by the Technical Partners and transformed into successful start up companies. Also to be won, 200,000.00 Euros worth of coaching and training for the ideas that reach the final round, as well as the opportunity – for all the participants – to be entered into a database that the supporting firms will utilize to identify young people of talent to add to their own staff. “The problem of youth unemployment in Italy can only be dealt with by system actions that commend creativity and give a chance to the most innovative ideas to come out and relaunch our economy” Ugo Castellano of the Sodalitas Foundation declared. “Over 40 firms and organizations have decided to promote this project, which centres on the capacity of young people to look to the future and generate original solutions to the problems that otherwise fims struggle to resolve”. It is free to participate in the Sodalitas Challenge which can be found on ideaTRE60, the digital platform set up by the Italian Foundation Accenture to promote and develop social innovation initiatives through competitions for ideas. The fully completed proposals must be presented by 10 a.m. 31 January 2014 using the link sodalitas.challenge.ideatre60partner.it.


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