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Year 2, no. 8
September - Octorber 2014


The Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was established in 2002 to contribute to the development in Italy of the "Global Compact", a project designed to promote the culture of corporate citizenship launched, in 1999, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Considering this objective, the Network operates as an information platform, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labour, environment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of "a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy".

In June 2013, the GCNI became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation.

Currently, 38 organizations adhere to the Foundation as founders or participants.


Towards the definition of the Sustainable Development Goals final. At Rio+20 - the UN Conference on Sustainable Development - countries agreed to establish an intergovernmental process to develop a set of "action-oriented, concise and easy to communicate" sustainable development goals (SDGs) to help drive the implementation of sustainable development. On July 2014, after 18 months of hard work, the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG), mandated to prepare a proposal on SDGs for consideration by the UN General Assembly, has produced its final report, which contains 17 proposed goals. Each proposed goal is accompanied by a set of targets intended to measure progress towards the achievement of these objectives. The OWG output document is downloadable here

Call for Nominations 2015: Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) CEO Leadership Awards. The annual Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) CEO Leadership Awards recognize business leaders for their exceptional championship of gender equality and innovative concrete actions taken to advance the WEPs, particularly Principle 1: Leadership Promotes Gender Equality. Award recipients will have the opportunity to speak about their commitment at a ceremony held during the WEPs Annual Event in March 2015. For further information on the iniziative and for submission of application, please click here

The deadline for applying is on November 14th, 2014.

Agenda Post 2015: the debate on the SDGs and Europe and Italy’s role in the future of “Sviluppo EC(QU)Osostenibile”. On Tuesday 9th September a day of consultation on the subject of Agenda Post 2015 sponsored by CONCORD and GCAP Italy, the coalition against poverty, was held at the European Parliament building in Rome. The aim of the meeting was to reflect on the role played by Europe and Italy - especially during the European Semester of Presidency - in the process of defining a fair and sustainable future from 2015 onwards. If on the one hand the efforts of the Open Working Group (OWG) - the United Nations working group dedicated to drafting the framework to include the future SDGs - was to define the priority areas and the Sustainable Development Goals, on the other it will be the duty of the institutions, civil society and the private sector to identify the practices required to carry them out. The private sector, in particular, is called upon to rethink their role and redefine their business model to one of a more "circular" and collaborative viewpoint over the next fifteen years. Among the most debated points there are some critical situations that characterize the document being presented till now by the OWG, which to many seems to have an encyclopaedic nature, listing the critical issues, missing the goal of building a "common language" that knows how to define the real priorities for sustainable development in the future. For this reason the importance of continuing the work of discussion and integration as much as possible has been emphasized. The Vice-President of GCNI Foundation, Sabina Ratti, attended. She cited the fundamental role of the private sector in a process in which the search is no longer for principles but for concrete solutions. The tools to be put to use clearly include collaboration, but also the measurement and monitoring of practices implemented, in order to start a new path made of concrete results and continuous improvement.

Sofidel becomes a Partner of TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform. In September Sofidel, which is among the world's leading manufacturers of paper for hygienic and domestic use, as well as “Promoting Founder" member of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI Foundation), joined the project developed within the "Sustainable Supply - Chain" GCNI Foundation Working Group thus becoming Corporate Partner of the TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform. The TenP Platform is the tool created by the foundation with the support of A2A, Acea, Ansaldo STS, Edison, Eni, Italcementi Group, Nestlé Italiana, to assist member companies in the collection of information on the sustainability performance of their suppliers, with the aim of using this information to identify common challenges and solutions to improve sustainability within their supply chains. It was created with reference to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and takes into account the most relevant standards and international conventions in the field of corporate sustainability. The Foundation, therefore, welcomes Sofidel as one of the TenP Project Partners!

The 10th Politeia Forum "What is the Purpose of the Corporation?" (October 3, Milan). The 10th Politeia Forum on "Business Ethics and CSR in a Global Economy" will be held in Milan, at the Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation, on Friday, 3rd October 2014 (from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.). The conference, organized by Politeia in collaboration with the Department of Social and Political Sciences, the University of Milan, the IESEG School of Business at the Catholic University of Lille, and thanks to the support of a group of organizations acting as promoters, will address the issue "Back to Basics: What is the Purpose of the Corporation?". The Keynote Speech will be given by R. Edward Freeman (University of Virginia), internationally recognized as the creator of the Stakeholder Theory and one of the greatest scholars of Business Ethics. There will also be scholars from some of the most authoritative international research centres and representatives of the business world speaking at the conference. The promoters of this initiative are Bombardier, Edison, Eni, Terna and UniCredit. The event is organized with the sponsorship of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. For further information, click here


Workshop "Natural capital: accounting and accountability of the actors" (5th November, Rimini). The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will co-organize a workshop on "Natural capital: accounting and accountability of the actors" on the first of the two days during which they will structure the States General of the Green Economy scheduled for 5th and 6th November in Rimini. The event is one of the thematic sessions, which this year will feature the States General. In the coming weeks a background paper will be prepared by the National Council of the Green Economy Working Groups that are expert in the topic: the group coordinated by Marco Frey working on "sustainable finance and credit for a green economy" and the group led by Roberto Coizet on "ecosystem services", which will be the subject for discussion and sharing. At the workshop, participation from four different categories is expected: service ecosystems researchers, economists (especially corporate) who deal with accounting and economic evaluation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES), businesses and organizations who are experimenting with innovative practices in this field as well as the institutions involved in these processes. The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will engage the member organizations and those active in the Working Group on "sustainable finance and credit" in the debate.

A series of webinars on reporting tools promoted by the United Nations Global Compact. A series of webinars on reporting tools promoted by the United Nations Global Compact will start in October. The first meeting, scheduled for Thursday, 23rd October from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, will focus on the technical aspects related to producing the Communications on Progress (COP) and the method of sharing them with the company's stakeholders. The meeting will be dedicated to firms that do not have extensive experience in producing documents for sustainability reporting. Two further meetings will be organized in the following months, the first focused on the Communications on Engagement (COE), the second in detail on the qualification criteria of the COP as Advanced. After registration, the participation in the webinars is open to all the Italian companies and organizations participating in the United Nations Global Compact and is cost-free. For more information, write to: info@globalcompactnetwork.org

"Anti-Corruption" Working Group: update on activities. A new meeting of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation’s "Anti-Corruption" Working Group will be held on Thursday, 18th September, 2.30pm - 4.30pm. The meeting will take place as a web-meeting in order to facilitate the participation of the organizations involved in the activities. After the first phase of the in-depth analysis (focusing on "corporate policies and procedures for the management of agents, consultants and intermediaries"), the Working Group will prepare to launch a new phase of benchmarking focused on "corporate policies and procedures for the granting of gifts and representation or hospitality expenses, including travel promotion or organization of trips for third parties." On the agenda are the corporate statements on this topic by ABB, Siemens and Eni. The importance of both of the first two themes selected by the Group has been highlighted by the "Matrix corporate risk areas" which it produced during the first months of activity. For more information on the activities of the "Anti-Corruption" Working Group, click here

Meeting of the European Network of the United Nations Global Compact. The annual meeting of the European Network of the United Nations Global Compact will be held in Skopje (Macedonia), 28th - 30th October. The meeting which aims to share knowledge, experiences and information among the European Network, represents an important opportunity for discussion about the challenges and opportunities related to the dissemination and implementation of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and broader development goals of the United Nations at a regional level.



On Friday, 26 September 2014 will take place in Venice The European Researchers’ Night. During this event sustainable Ca’ Foscari will promote the initiative of bookcrossing to give a new life to those books, when have been read, laying on the shelves to gather dust. The books will be collected in the next weeks among the staff and faculty of the University and during the event will be “released” inviting all people to share the knowledge and the reuse of paper resources. Further, all participants at the event can joins actively bringing their own books to “release”. Sustainable Ca’ Foscari will be present at The European Researchers’ Night with two information stands, one in the front yard of Ca’ Foscari Palace and one at the Ca’ Foscari Zattere library. Each one will host a corner for the bookcrossing and give information on policies and initiatives of sustainability of Ca’ Foscari. The information stands of sustainable Ca’ Foscari will open at 5 p.m. until the end of the event, which will conclude with a concert. At the end of the event the bookcrossing corner will be placed firstly in the site of Malcanton Marcorà and later in every departments of university. For more information write to sustainability@unive.it or visit the website of the event www.venetonight.it


The process of the States General of the Green Economy continues on 2014, with its third edition, promoted by the National Council of the Green Economy in collaboration with the Ministries of Environment and Economic Development. The National Council (composed of 66 business organizations) and 10 Working Groups (composed by 400 experts) are working to update and elaborate the strategic and programmatic platform of proposals to be presented at the States General of the Green Economy 2014 on 5th-6th November in Rimini Fiera. This year, the States-General will be dedicated to the theme "Enterprises for a green economy". And will be opened by the Minister for the Environment, Gian Luca Galletti, on the morning of the 5th November, dedicated to "A new European project for the development of a green economy" with the comments and suggestions of representatives of European and international institutions and Organizations. In the afternoon of the 5th November will be held a series of parallel thematic sessions that will aim to carry out a stakeholder consultation on the proposed thematic focuses. The results of the participatory elaboration process will be presented on the morning of November 6, during the closing session at the presence of the Minister of Economic Development, Federica Guidi and many entrepreneurs of the green economy. During the States General of the Green Economy, a Survey on the vision of the entrepreneurs of the green economy (437 entrepreneurs and managers respondents)will be presented. It has been conducted in 2014 by the Sustainable Development Foundation in collaboration with the organizations of the National Council.


On 10 and 11 July 2014, within the project “Laboratorio Expo”, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, in collaboration with Eni and Expo 2015 organized the workshop "Energy Poverty and Energy Access: Global Challenges and Goals" aiming at stimulating a debate between research, public and private sector, that could set out concrete solutions for the promotion of access to sustainable energy for all. The event, held at the headquarters of FEEM Milan, brought together outstanding personalities and it was split into two different stages over the two days. On day one, on the basis of scientific studies, experts have provided an overview of the issue of energy poverty in the world and how it affects the growth and development of poor countries. In the afternoon, representatives of international institutions, private sector and NGOs presented objectives, initiatives and best practices already in place, in order to identify the most important challenges and possible solutions resulting from the collaboration of different actors involved. On July 11, 2014 speakers and experts discussed in a closed-door round-table the most relevant issues raised during the workshop held on Day one with the aim of identifying a set of policy recommendations and suggestions for viable implementations. The round-table’s output will be a recommendation report addressed to institutions and policy makers.The recording of the event and interviews with participants are available at this link: www.feem.it


On June the 26th and the 27th in Milan was held the Green Retail Forum 2014, an opportunity to meet Distributors and Company producer of fast moving consumer goods that choose to manufacture in a sustainable way, for the Italian market. Part of the events on was a contest, managed by PLEF (Planet Life Economy Foundation), named “Call for innovation” to which DECO INDUSTRIE - a Ravenna Manufacturer - has applied a industrial execution, interesting from the environmental point of view; it’s a project relating to liquid detergents packaging; in practise the packaging system showed leads to cut off CO2 pollution, by means of substitution of a traditional component (boxes in cardboard) with bundle and reduce time and costs to manage the packaging waste in care of the Distributors. Moreover the bundle could be eliminate using special cardboard interlayers that framed the bottle. The primary packaging is made by a bottle realized with the 100% post-consumption plastics, coming from the PET specialized collecting and recycling circuits. DECO INDUSTRIE subjected these packaging solutions to a Life Cycle Assesment by a third part qualified that certified the CO2 saving respect to a traditional system, according to the ISO 14040.


On the 17th of June the 11th edition of the Gala Dinner of the Chambre Française de Commerce et d’Industrie en Italie took place in Milan. During this event, awards were given to the companies that stood out in the economic relations between Italy and France. Before the Ambassador of France in Italy Alain Le Roy and several authorities from businesses and institutions of both countries, GDF SUEZ Energia Italia received the CSR Award (Trophée de la Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale) of the CFCII French-Italian CSR Laboratory for its commitment in CSR projects. When he handed over the CSR Award, Coordinator of French-Italian CSR Laboratory Genséric Cantournet declared: “CFCII and the French-Italian CSR Laboratory are giving the CSR Award to GDF SUEZ Energia Italia for its commitment in several activities in the field of corporate responsibility and for its attention to social and sustainable development issues with a concrete and innovative approach”. GDF SUEZ Energia Italia President Giuseppe Gattistated: “The Trophée de la Responsabilité Sociale et Environnementale is a prestigious recognition of our CSR activities, which are in line with the founding values of commitment and cohesion that inspire all initiatives of the Group and continue to drive the activities that are being carried out this year”. GDF SUEZ is engaged in CSR actions worldwide – namely with the support of its Foundation – and provides support to initiatives of solidarity and protection of the environment (protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, fight against global warming, development of cities of tomorrow…). Since 2010 the Foundation has been supporting more than one hundred projects.


Sofidel’s 2014 campaign is dedicated to the principle of less is more, which sums up very well the overall concept of how much Sofidel has invested to achieve maximum wellbeing and added value for its stakeholders, by reducing its negative environmental and social impact to a minimum. From production to research; development to marketing and sales; innovation to the supply chain, purchasing to the environment – Sofidel constantly seeks the most innovative solutions and maximum efficiency to give “more” in terms of products, value and services, with “less” in terms of, for example, energy or water consumption, greenhouse gasses, price/cost and any other form of negative impact.


Auchan releases the Sustainability Report 2013, which contains the results of the activities related to four main areas of work: the waste fight, the responsible convenience, involvement in the territory and the valorisation of the people. Fighting the waste (food, environmental and economic) means acting to decrease the consumption of energy (-2,4%), water (-8%) and optimizing transport and waste management (73% of recycling), combining health for the environment and citizens with greater economic efficiency. Acting to avoid wastage of food, working with non-profit organizations for the donation of our surpluses (557.000 € the value of the goods offered) and trying to raise awareness. With responsible convenience we intend to protect the purchasing power of our customers, providing the opportunity to access a range of products consistent with the principles of proper nutrition, attention to the environment and a transparent traceability. Involvement in the territory means the promotion of local actors’ growth through various actions: the collaboration with SMEs (30% of the suppliers), partnerships with non-profit organizations, the support of the Foundation Auchan for the Youth, dialogue with the schools. To achieve these results it is necessary the centrality of employees by developing their skills and professionalism, protecting the well-being and involving them in the results, thanks to the internal stock ownership plan (97% of shareholders employees). It is possible to read a mobile version of the Sustainability Report by downloading the app Scan Auchan and photographing the bar codes published on the website. In addition, 140,000 customers Auchan among the most faithful have received in July a special cash receipt containing the information to download the app and bar codes.


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