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Year 4, no. 17
March - April 2016


The Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was established in 2002 to contribute to the development in Italy of the "Global Compact", a project designed to promote the culture of corporate citizenship launched, in 1999, by the then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.

Considering this objective, the Network operates as an information platform, giving support and coordination to Italian companies and organizations which resolve to share, support and employ a whole range of universal principles in matters of human rights, labour, environment and the fight against corruption, thereby contributing to the accomplishment of "a more wide-ranging and sustainable global economy".

In June 2013, the GCNI became legally established as the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation.

Currently, 40 organizations adhere to the Foundation as founders or participants.


lenteUN Global Compact Launches “Pioneers” Programme as Part of SDG Roll Out Strategy

Last February, Global Compact headquarters announced the launch of a multi-year Local Network SDG Action Plan – the centerpiece being a “Pioneers” Programme aimed to spur action and inspire business to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) locally. The overall Action Plan is designed to assist the Global Compact’s 80-plus Local Networks in developing and executing relevant SDG implementation strategies and link these, where possible, with national plans of action.

lenteGLOBAL COMPACT 2030: Looking into the future of Corporate Sustainability (4th May, Prague)

On 4th May, the “GLOBAL COMPACT 2030: Looking into the future of Corporate Sustainability” conference will be held in Prague (at the National Gallery - Trade Fair Palace) promoted by the Global Compact Network Czech Republic one year after it was established. The initiative will mainly focus on the following themes: - The Power of Social Innovations; - Business and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); - Importance of Gender Equality in Business; - Climate Action.

lenteSave the Date for the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2016: 22-23 June, New York

The UN Global Compact Leaders Summit 2016 (22-23 June 2016, New York) will provide a dynamic stage to jump-start business action everywhere on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs address the most important economic, social, environmental and governance challenges of our time, providing a clear and compelling direction for the future. Agreed by all UN Member States, these new global goals are set to be a major driver of the markets of tomorrow and can unleash a wave of sustainable products, services and business innovations.

lenteNew adhesions to the GCNI Foundation

As part of the last meeting of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation Board, held on February 23rd, the applications for membership submitted to the Foundation by Acque S.p.A. (joining the Foundation as a "Participant") and VIU - Venice International University (joining as a "Founding Member") were evaluated and accepted. The Foundation welcomes the new member organizations!

lenteConference "The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Conference: a new era for business?"

On 15th March "The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Conference: a new era for business?", conference was held in Milan, an event which was sponsored in partnership with Assolombarda, CSR Manager Network, the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation and the Sodalitas Foundation.

lenteUpdate on "Anti-Corruption" Working Group of the Foundation Global Compact Network Italy

On March 8th, the "Anti-Corruption" Working Group’s 2016 work program was launched, which will focus on four main themes, previously identified by the Group as "potential areas of corporate risk". The first meeting of the year took place in Milan and focused on the topic of Anti-corruption management systems in firms.

lenteThe EU Project of Public Contracts Reform: CSR Network Manager's Position Paper

The Italian association of CSR and sustainability professionals produced the position paper "Quality and sustainability in public procurement" in view of the transposition into Italian law of 23/24/25 2014 EU Directives on concessions and procurement of Public Administration and "special sector" contracting.


Workshop “Human Rights in firms: winning the integration challenge”

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) launched at the end of 2015 have assigned a strategic role to firms regarding the respect and promotion of human rights as part of its regular activities and sphere of influence.


"Reporting" Working Group: presentation of the results of an in-depth study on the "principle of materiality in reporting processes"

On April 21st from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. the next meeting of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation’s Working Group "Reporting" will be held. During this meeting the Report about the summary of the results of the theoretical course of study and about sharing business experiences on the issue of materiality...



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