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Year 5, no. 25
September - December 2017


Marco FREY, President - Global Compact Network Italy

Dear All,

another very intense year is drawing to a close for the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI). We hosted the meeting of the UN Global Compact European Networks, back in Rome seven years after the first of this type of meeting and its inaugural public meeting was held at the Palazzo della Farnesina, thanks to the close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On this occasion, Lise Kingo, the Executive Director of the UNGC, was present and showed great appreciation for our commitment to the 2030 Agenda. The Global Compact is experiencing an important strategic and organizational transformation aimed at strengthening the synergy between the international dimension and national action and the Rome meeting was particularly significant in this process.

This year the main activities carried out have maintained the approach adopted in 2016, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals and on the collective action perspective.

The second "Business & SDGs High Level Meeting" was held in March, during which CEOs and Presidents, after an introduction by George Kell - former UNGC Executive Director, discussed the actions to be taken in the field to evolve business models in the direction outlined by the 2030 Agenda.

The second edition of the "Italian Business & SDGs Annual Forum" followed this event in September which, after being hosted in Venice by a University, saw us move down into the centre of Italy to Lucca to be hosted by a company. In 2018, we therefore propose that we continue Southwards, to be hosted by an institutional body. The Forum is a focal point of our activity because it allows a significant number of participants (this year over one hundred) to measure themselves using participatory modalities on some key issues and to direct the activity of the GCNI. If in Venice we had found a strong confirmation of the intention to move strategically within the 2030 Agenda, then identifying some themes and priority actions on which we organized our activities in 2017, in Lucca we defined and selected some Collective Actions on which to move forwards next year. Two of these are priorities, but also other ones that received a strong consensus can be activated later. First and foremost, there was a strong confirmation that action on the supply chain is central to spreading sustainability, particularly within small and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of our production system. In this regard, our TENP Platform constitutes an excellent basis on which to build a collective action structured around and connected to the international dimension. The second priority which came up concerns the circular economy, a strategic perspective on which several companies have engaged linked to a strong institutional push, especially in Europe, and in which the GCNI has been asked to play an active role in cultural and operational integration.

Then there were numerous other activities, the events we participated in, and the four Workshops we organized in the light of the participatory planning that is one of our characteristics. You may find extensive documentation about all of this in our regular Newsletters and later in the Annual Report.

It is the commitment of us all to sustainability that unites us, incurable optimists in a world that struggles to find the way to reconcile development and justice. We end another year with the awareness that everything we had promised ourselves we have accomplished together and that we propose even more ambitious programs for next year.

Happy Holidays and a Happy 2018!


“ITALIAN BUSINESSES: PRACTICES TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. Presentation to the public of the collection of practices supporting SDGs 2030 by the Global Compact Network Italy

In December 2016, the Global Compact Network Italy (here in after GCNI) started working on a new collection of business practices focusing on the implementation of strategies, policies and projects to support the achievement of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

GCNI and MAECI together for the SDGs: “The Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe” Conference Report

On 25th October 2017, the Global Compact Network Italy, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), organized a Conference called “The Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe” held at  Palazzo della Farnesina in Rome.

Outcomes from the 3rd Business & SDGs Workshop on “Sustainable Supply Chain Management Systems”

On 4th October 2017 the third of four Business & SDGs Workshops promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was held in Milan to support the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Global Goals in Italy. This third event, dedicated to the theme of "SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS", was organized on the occasion of one of the main national events in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility...

From prioritisation to action: the GCNI collects the proposals of Collective Action formulated by sustainable development actors at the SDGs Forum 2017 (Lucca)

The second edition of the Italian Business & SDGs Annual Forum, promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy (here after GCNI), was held on 26th-27th September 2017 in the splendid medieval-Renaissance town of Lucca. The event was hosted by the Sofidel Group and organized with the support of A2A and Edison.

Global Compact Network Italy chooses Bureau Veritas as Technical Partner for the TenP Platform

It was within the sphere of those companies that verify and select their suppliers and subcontractors on the basis of their sustainability performance that the agreement giving Bureau Veritas Italia the role of the operating branch of the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) was made.
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