The UN Global Compact is a purely voluntary initiative. It does not impose legal obligations on participating organizations. Rather, it is designed to stimulate change and to promote good corporate citizenship and encourage innovative solutions and partnerships.

A business organization joining the initiative is expected to implement, disseminate and promote the UNGC Ten Principles; to communicate annually with its stakeholders on progress made to implement the Principles, through the Communication on Progress – COP; to contribute financially to the initiative on an annual basis. The membership fees are determined on the basis of the annual revenue/sale of the firm and are published on the UNGCN Italy website.

The non-business participants of the UN Global Compact are committed to promote sustainability matters and the Ten Principles, particularly supporting the private sector. The non-business participants need to release an annual communication called Communication on Engagement (CoE), where they detail how they have supported the UN Global Compact. Even though it is not mandatory, a contribution is possible and welcome.

» To learn more about the commitments required for the participation in the UGCN, click here.

» For more information, get in touch with the UN Global Compact Network Italy Team.



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