The UN Global Compact Network Italy Roles are:

  • The Board of Directors
  • The President and Vice-presidents
  • The General Secretary
  • The Auditor

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 9 members appointed by the Members of the UNGCN Italy on the basis of voluntary applications. The Board of Directors is vested with all the powers to identify the actions to be taken and the criteria for the achievement and implementation of the objectives of the Network and its ordinary and extraordinary management, with the only exception of matters reserved to the competence of the other roles in the UNGCN Italy according to its Statute.

Furthermore, in particular, the Board is responsible for the following functions:

  • to establish general guidelines for the UNGCN Italy and its goals and programs, in the context of the purposes and activities of the Network
  • to approve new Founder Members
  • to determine the annual fee for Founders Members
  • to decide on the admission of institutional partners

The President

The President of the Board is also President of the UNGCN Italy and is chosen from among its members by the Board itself. He or she is the legal representative of the UNGCN Italy before third parties, and acts and stands before any administrative or judicial authorities. In relations with the Board of Directors, the President has the power of impulse and initiative over the administration and management of the Network.

In addition the President:

  • embodies the institutional representation of the UNGCN Italy
  • holds the function of synthesis and acts as the link between the bodies of the UNGCN Italy
  • proposes the appointment of the Secretary General to the Board

Finally, the President looks after relations with organizations, institutions, public and private companies and other organizations also with the aim of establishing relationships of collaboration and support for each one of the UNGCN Italy  initiatives.

In the event of the President's incapacity, his or her functions, including being the legal representative of the UNGCN Italy, are performed by the Senior Vice-President, for the duration of the impediment itself or until the appointment of a new President.

The General Secretary

The General Secretary is appointed on the proposal of the President, by the Board of Directors.

The General Secretary:

  • is the point of contact between the UNGCN Italy and the UN Global Compact Office in New York
  • provides the organizational and administrative management of the UNGCN Italy, as well as the organization and promotion of individual initiatives, providing resources and tools needed for their practical implementation
  • acts as coordinator between the various organizations of UNGCN Italy and the UN Global Compact
  • looks after and promotes the external relations of the UNGCN Italy, manages the relationships with the scientific and technical organizations, public agencies, businesses, organizations and professionals on topics of interest for the Network

The Auditor

The Auditor verifies the correct accounting of the UNGCN Italy and its legal books and provides advice to the Board and to the founders of the regularity of financial statements and compliance with tax and social contributions, drawing up a written report on the balance sheet.


COMPOSITION OF THE ROLES (June 2019 - June 2022)

Prof. Marco Frey, Founder, Ergo Srl

Vice Presidency
Dr. Filippo Maria Bocchi, Shared Value & Sustainability Director, Hera Group

Secretary General
Dr. Daniela Bernacchi

Board of Directors
Prof. Marco Frey, Founder, Ergo Srl (President)
Dr. Alessandro Beda, CEO, Sodalitas Foundation (Board Member)
Eng. Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer, Pirelli & C. (Board Member)
Dr. Filippo Maria Bocchi, Shared Value & Sustainability Director, Hera Group (Vice President)                                                                        
Dr. Stefano Gardi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Italmobiliare (Board Member)
Prof. Carlo Giupponi, Dean, Venice International University and Full Professor of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University (Board Member)
Dr. Giuseppina Gualtieri, President, Tper (Board Member)
Dr. Chantal Hamende, Head of Sustainability Plans, Projects and Reporting, Terna (Board Member)
Prof. Alessandro Lanza, Director, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (Board Member)
Dr. Francesca Magliulo, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Edison (Board Member)
Dr. Cveta Majtanovic, Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Innovando (Board Member)
Dr. Carlo Nicolais, Head of Group Institutional Relations, Communication & Sustainability, Maire Tecnimont (Board Member)
Dr. Elizabeth Simonpietro Salini, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Webuild (Board Member)

Dr. Domenico Antonelli

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