The UN Global Compact Network Italy (UNGCN Italy) was established with the primary purpose of contributing to the development of the UN Global Compact in Italy, an initiative for the promotion of a culture of corporate citizenship fostered and managed by the United Nations on a global scale.

The mission of the UNGCN Italy is articulated in 7 points. In accordance with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the Network aims to:

  1. be recognized as an institutional spokesperson that allows companies engaged in sustainability in a multi-stakeholder perspective to be heard
  2. raise awareness and the level of national involvement
  3. help make sustainability the main lever of change in pursuit of a future that is more efficient, more equitable and safer in the management of resources
  4. be characterized as a subject oriented towards the development of operational solutions and the creation of shared economic, social and environmental values
  5. encourage partnerships, collective actions and dialogue among all actors in the promotion of sustainability
  6. promote accountability, fairness and transparency in communication and corporate reporting
  7. endorse the contribution of Italian companies and synergies at international level

The UN Global Compact Network Italy operates under a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the UN Global Compact Office of New York.


GOVERNANCE (June 2019 - June 2022)

Prof. Marco Frey, Founder, Ergo Srl

Vice Presidency
Dr. Filippo Maria Bocchi, Shared Value & Sustainability Director, Hera Group

Secretary General
Dr. Daniela Bernacchi

Board of Directors
Prof. Marco Frey, Founder, Ergo Srl (President)
Dr. Alessandro Beda, CEO, Sodalitas Foundation (Board Member)
Eng. Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer, Pirelli & C. (Board Member)
Dr. Filippo Maria Bocchi, Shared Value & Sustainability Director, Hera Group (Vice President)                                                                        
Dr. Stefano Gardi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Italmobiliare (Board Member)
Prof. Carlo Giupponi, Dean, Venice International University and Full Professor of Economics, Ca’ Foscari University (Board Member)
Dr. Giuseppina Gualtieri, President, Tper (Board Member)
Dr. Chantal Hamende, Head of Sustainability Plans, Projects and Reporting, Terna (Board Member)
Prof. Alessandro Lanza, Director, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (Board Member)
Dr. Francesca Magliulo, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Edison (Board Member)
Dr. Cveta Majtanovic, Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Innovando (Board Member)
Dr. Carlo Nicolais, Head of Group Institutional Relations, Communication & Sustainability, Maire Tecnimont (Board Member)
Dr. Elizabeth Simonpietro Salini, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Webuild (Board Member)

Dr. Domenico Antonelli


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