Participation in the UN Global Compact is a visible commitment to the implementation, disclosure, and promotion of ten universal principles.

A business organization joining the initiative is expected to:

  • make the UN Global Compact and its principles an integral part of business strategy, day-to-day operations, and organizational culture;
  • incorporate the UN Global Compact and its principles in the decision-making processes of the highest-level governance body (e.g., Board);
  • take actions in support of UN goals and issues, including the SDGs;
  • communicate annually with its stakeholders on progress made to implement the principles through the Communication on Progress – COP; and
  • advance the UN Global Compact and the case for responsible business practices through advocacy and active outreach to peers, partners, clients, consumers, and the public at large.

In addition, adhering companies are required to contribute financially to the initiative on an annual basis. The membership fees are determined on the basis of the annual revenue/sale of the firm.

modalita di adesione aziende individualui

modalita di adesione

For further information on the UN Global Compact membership process, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The non-business Participants of the UN Global Compact are committed to sustainability and its promotion. They are responsible for the implementation and diffusion of the Ten Principles. In addition, the non-business participants contribute significantly to the creation of effective and innovative ideas through research. The Participants need to release an annual communication called Communication on Engagement (COE), where they detail how they have supported the UN Global Compact. Even though it is not mandatory, a contribution is possible and welcome.

Listed below are different types of non-business participants and suggested activities through which they can support the UN Global Compact:

Academic Institutions

  • Conduct applied research and thought leadership to advance best practices
  • Promote the UN Global Compact Ten Principles and educate a variety of audiences about sustainability
  • Support the UN Global Compact business participants in implementing and reporting on their sustainability efforts
  • Lend capacity to UN Global Compact Country Networks and/or the UN Global Compact in New York
  • Join the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Business and Industry Associations

It is possible to see here ( specific actions thorough which Business Associations can support the UN Global Compact.


  • Join the UN Global Compact Cities Program which helps to customize urban governance and management and create a sustainability plan which incorporates the ecological, economic, political and cultural dimension of the region’s sustainability
  • Support business and other stakeholders as they implement sustainability initiatives that benefit the city and greater community
  • Engage with Global Compact Country Networks

Civil Society Organizations/ Non-Governmental Organizations

  • Propose and implements partnerships on corporate sustainability and engage with other stakeholders
  • Support the UN Global Compact business participants as they implement and report on their sustainability efforts
  • Engage with UN Global Compact Country Networks
  • Join and/or support issue platforms and workstreams (

Labor Unions

  • Engage with the International Labaour Organization (ILO) and other international institutions to advance labour union rights and decent work
  • Facilitate dialogue with companies and other stakeholders involved in the UN Global Compact to help build consensus around labour-related issue
  • Examine company performance on rights and sustainability issues

Learn more about our work on the Labour issue area ((

Public Sector Organizations

  • Implement the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles though your own strategy and operations
  • Encourage businesses and others you interact with to participate in the UN Global Compact
  • Contribute to the UN Global Compact Trust Fund and/or support specific activities
  • Host UN Global Compact events