Every properly constituted company (under prevailing national law) from any industry sector is eligible for participation, except those companies involved in the manufacture, sale etc. of anti-personnel landmines or cluster bombs, companies subject to a UN sanction and blacklisted by UN Procurement for ethical reasons. The updated list of exclusion criteria is available here.

Businesses with fewer than ten employees (micro-enterprises) will be able to apply for membership likewise all other businesses, but it is expected a longer timeline (up to 12 months) for reviewing the application and it may involve the Local Network.

Subsidiary companies of existing member companies are also encouraged to participate. These types of companies have to follow the normal participation process and are subject to the payment of a subsidized annual membership fee compared to the parent company.

» To learn more about the participation of the business organizations, click here.

» For more information, get in touch with the UN Global Compact Network Italy Team.



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