As is clear from the Social Report 2014 DECO INDUSTRIE, safety, as in the form of health protection of workers, as in the form of wholesomeness of food products, it is an important requirement for DECO.

Of fundamental importance is the respect and protection of the environment which requires DECO continuously innovate in production processes to lower impact and goods more affordable performance and respectful of nature.

From this conviction was born in 2014 the project of short chain cereals for biscuits produced by DECO. Together with other companies in the supply chain of grain Ravenna area, DECO has created the first cookie entirely Romagna.

The project has multiple purposes: creates more value for farmers; improve environmental sustainability; creates excellent food; increases the quality of biscuits and gives more certainty to consumers.

420 hectares are involved, between Cervia and Filo d'Argenta, 36 farms for a production of 3 thousand tons of grain, that produces 2,300 tons of flour that are used to knead and bake 4 million kilograms of biscuits.

The specification for the flour is rigorous, ensuring an ideal raw material for the production of biscuits, safely and in full environmental sustainability, both for local products of high quality, and to reduce the environmental impact of farming and handling.



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