Snam mades open dialogue with stakeholders and the territory on which they operates the key priority of the business activities, maintaining constant relationships with organizations, institutions and companies. To encourage the development of their infrastructure, the Company makes their knowledge available as a contribution to the common cultural and scientific heritage.

In 2014, for instance, a collaboration with the “Lelio Pagani” Regional Research Centre at the University of Bergamo was started, by which Snam gives them, free of charge, the aerial photographs taken during helicopter fly-overs to monitor the gas pipeline network. The Research Centre in fact bases its studies of territory on the analyses of zenith views and blueprints. The “bird’s eye view” produced by Snam is rarely used, but it can be immediately interpreted and particularly attractive.

So these imagines can be used in many studies and research projects aimed at gaining a more detailed knowledge of the region in all the aspects (agriculture, forests, geology, town planning, landscape). A catalogue of aerial photographs can be an important tool to reconstruct the historical transformations of the region over a specific period of time. Therefore, this information can be used and exploited for various educational, cultural and analytical purposes.



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