On June 24th 2015, the Conference “Management and Control of Major Accident Hazards organized by AIAS, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and Innovhub was held at the premises of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting focused on the illustration of the changes introduced by the decree of adoption of the so-called Seveso III Directive (Legislative Decree of June 26th 2015, No. 105) concerning the implementation of the Directive 2012/18/EU on the control of major accident hazards involving dangerous substances, in force from July 29th 2015.

In particular, the above disposition updates the previous standard (Legislative Decree No. 334/99 and subsequent amendments), confirming the assignment of investigation and control on the upper-tier establishments (already defined as "art. 8" under law. No. 334/99) to the Ministry of Interior, and the assignment of control on lower-tier establishments (already defined as "art. 6" under the same Decree) to Regions.

Furthermore, the disposition updates the list of hazardous substances and their threshold quantities under the new Directive; it updates and completes all the technical rules required for its application (Annexes A to M): the comprehensiveness of the dispositional lows the managers of the establishments falling within the scope of the Seveso III Directive as well as the involved administrators to have at their disposal a proper Consolidated Act to control major industrial accident hazards; said Act simultaneously defines every technical and application aspect without having to refer to subsequent implementing dispositions.



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