Openness, Listening and Participation is the path A2A has taken to improve its ability to read and interpret the expectations of all the stakeholders. The programme was launched in Brescia testing a new approach based on four instruments:

  1. The installation of multimedia totems, located at strategic points of the city, to provide information and data on the services offered.
  2. The creation of the first “forum multistakeholder forum”, organized on the basis of the European Awareness Scenario Workshop model, which involved 41 external stakeholders for a whole day. The proposals put forward at the forum were assessed by A2A: five were selected and will be implemented in the months ahead.
  3. Publication of the first Territorial Sustainability Report, which contains some key indicators for the Brescia region, also identified through contributions and the priorities that emerged during the multistakeholder forum. The document also includes a summary of the results and proposals of the forum, as well as A2A's commitments and initiatives on all topics relevant to the region.
  4. The start of a working group with Università degli Studi di Brescia (University of Brescia) and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) to promote in Brescia a method of innovative, modern and transparent collaboration that can be exported to different regions.

For a group like A2A knowing how to listen and respond to the community's expectations in a targeted way is essential. It is the basis for achieving sustainability, or rather the capacity to generate and distribute value in a lasting and harmonious way, reconciling the requirements of the different players it interacts with.




Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum

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