The Sustainable Development Foundation, chaired by Edo Ronchi, is a no-profit organization born by will of companies, business associations and sustainability experts, in order to encourage the development into the field of green economy in Italy .
Since 2010, the Foundation, in collaboration with FISE UNIRE, care and publishes Annual Report "Italy of recycling", with sponsorship of the Ministries of the Environment and Economic Development and ISPRA. The report aims to provide an updated overview on the dynamics topics of the European and international for recycled materials markets, on the trends underway in Italy and finally on the problems and the potentiality of the sector. Each year, the report also offers a separate chapter about on the technologies and the innovative management.

The Report in 2015 reaches its sixth edition and it is an expression of the whole Italian recycling sector thanks to the involvement of all the recycling chains in the drafting: packaging (paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, wood), organic waste, rubber and tires, WEEE, batteries and accumulators, vehicles, mineral oils exhausted, oils and animal fats, construction and demolition waste, textiles waste.

The 6th edition contains two focus: the first one dedicated to the extended producer responsibility scheme and the otherone dedicated to the data on import -export of waste. For the realization several working groups study specific issues that ensure thorough analysis of the problems of the sector.

The European Commission in December will communicate the new Directive on circular economy.
The presentation will also be an opportunity to deep some considerations on the new Directive.

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