The Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR report), in its fifth edition, represents for GSE not only an annual appointment to keep, but also an occasion to share every year value-focused way of doing business with all stakeholders. This is a tale - as we like to call it - where the effort of GSE in favour of energetic and environmental sustainability is at the base of our institutional mission.

We are aware that the exchange of ideas in an open, positive and constant way is a guarantee of development for our Company, prone to a future that is changing. To this end, GSE has launched a process of public consultation, because we know that it continues to represent the most suitable tool in order to allow the active participation of the operators for the definition of different productive phases.

Economic growth, social development and environmental safeguard: these are the three core values of Corporate Social Responsibility in GSE and they are the load-bearing axis in drafting our Report. These are values - shared and formalized in the Code of Ethics and in the Company Policy on sustainability - that continue to mark the GSE path of the last 5 years.

The achievement of these targets keeps on finding in the adhesion to the Global Compact an ideal “bridge” that can connect our field efficiency to the values of a global economy finally sustainable.



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