As stems from the 2013&2014 Sustainability Report, Officinæ Verdi, Energy Efficiency Group born in 2011 by JV UniCredit - WWF, in the first two years of activity has achieved important results in terms of sustainability, thanks to a business model able to create long-term value for companies, through the analysis of needs and self-consumption even without public incentives.

With about 19 GWp of installed capacity and 650.000 PV plans that generate 22,306 GWh of electricity - equal to 7.9% of the national production (Terna data 2014) - Italy offers attractive opportunities for investment in the market of operating plants, and of the so-called distressed plants, the ones no longer able to ensure a profitable performance.

After an initial boom of photovoltaic, supported by incentive policies, investors faced many difficulties: changes in the regulatory system reduced incentives, introduced IMU and operating fees, with direct effects on business plan and time of return on investment.

Officinæ Verdi, so as to meet the needs of this new phase of the photovoltaic industry, “to protect and enhance their investments”, presents OV | Sun2.0, a platform of integrated services to support the asset owners of large plants with asset management, operation and maintenance (O&M), performance monitoring, revamping, plants evaluation and refinancing, recycling of panels.

"Our goal - explained Giovanni Tordi, Officinae Verdi CEO - is to respond with technological and financial innovation to the challenge of economic sustainability for the photovoltaic sector, regardless of incentive policies". Officinae Verdi, with its own monitoring system mætrics® advanced, manages 253 photovoltaic systems in Italy, for about 271 MWp of total power and a value of € 890million, producing 335 GWh/year of electricity.



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