The next December back in the bookstores the annual Guides Eco in città Roma and Milano, in its fourth edition.
A series of publications promoted by Pentapolis Onlus in order to spread low-impact lifestyles, perfect for public institutions, civil society, companies, associations, media and citizens.
A useful tool for residents and for tourists: a guide that speaks of places, tips, ideas and suggestions to live in the city by adopting a lifestyle that respects the environment.

A kind of “useful green pages” offering a range of interesting information to discover all that is environmentally friendly in the urban context: the green areas, the vegetarian and organic restaurants, shops and markets where to sell food without pesticides, the fair trade shops, centers of reuse and recycling, the independent culture, bookshop and libraries, places of ethics business and responsible tourism, the opportunities offered to the children.
During the year in Eco in città offers many thematic meetings to teach like to live zero impact, even in a big town. A dialogue between the world of green companies, the media, civil society, institutions, no profit organizations: everyone protagonists to building economic and cultural change. Together in the role of “ambassadors and actors for sustainability”.
And finally, it’s active daily the web site information on national and local sustainable lifestyles. It hosts especially ideas, advices and suggestions on sustainable points mapped, with news, analysis and interviews, divided into several thematic headings reflecting: the choices of daily consumption, the issues of greatest environmental interest, how to better green spaces, the system of education and information in the environmental field and, finally, the opportunities dedicated to children.



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