Salini Impregilo and its design partner SMEC have won the highest recognition from an industry body in Australia for designing a prominent section of a new metro infrastructure in Sydney as environmentally friendly as possible according to the Australian standards - the latest example of Group’s commitment to sustainable development.

Salini Impregilo earned the “Leading” Infrastructure Sustainability Design rating from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), a non-profit public and private body. The rating is the highest on a scale designed by the council to measure the sustainability of infrastructure works.
The rating highlights our company’s mission to build infrastructure that improve people’s lives in a way that is respectful of the environment.

The Group is working on a  prominent section of the North West Rail Link in Sydney, the biggest public transport project in the country. The section will be 6.2 kilometres long with a viaduct, a bridge and two stations.

Salini Impregilo has managed to reduce emissions at the construction site by more than a third, to use 100% recycled water for concrete production and to reduce by 10%  the use of water during the life of the project.

Our respect for local communities was also appreciated by the council. Among the  measures adopted to maximize public support for the project, Salini Impregilo made possible the conservation of the ruins of the old White Hart Inn Pub by changing the viaduct design and contributing to its promotion as part of Australia’s heritage.

“This is an exemplary performance and testament to what can be achieved when sustainability practices are adopted”,  says ISCA Chief Executive Antony Sprigg in a statement.



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