The Sofidel Group, well-known in Italy especially for the brand Regina, has a new corporate campaign focused on renewing its commitment to the WWF Climate Savers programme in order to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal for 2020 of the Italian multinational paper manufacturer is to reduce direct CO2 emissions by 23% (compared to 2009 for each tonne of paper) and indirect emissions by 13% (compared to 2010 for each tonne of paper). And, further, by the end of 2020, 8% of fuel consumed annually is expected to come from renewable sources.

In order to introduce the new goals set by Climate Savers, this year the protagonists of the campaign will be Emperor penguins, the largest of this species (they are more than one metre tall and can weigh up to 50kg). They are the ones with a distinctive orange hue featured in many films and documentaries, which live in the Southern Ocean and are considered the best swimmers in the world.

The mascot of the Sofidel Group is a penguin made of paper, neatly standing in line. In fact, nature has its own course. We can only learn from it. And this is exactly what Sofidel humbly strives to do in its daily activities.




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