The first Italian company to run a project like that, Terna launches an online area, accessible from, entirely dedicated to current building sites. Here, full information will be published and regularly updated on contracts, tenders and (for the first time) subcontracts, regarding work in progress for the construction of electrical infrastructure in Italy.

“Cantieri aperti & trasparenti”, this is the name that Terna, the Group chaired by Catia Bastioli and headed by Matteo Del Fante, has chosen for an unprecedented Italian initiative that, thanks to a complete, dynamic communication tool available to everybody, can further contribute to the country’s development.

With simple, quick access, thanks to “Cantieri aperti & trasparenti”, it is now possible to ensure that details are always available on each and every site where Terna is carrying out works: 750 businesses and 4,000 people involved every day on more than 200 building sites throughout Italy, for an investment in the field that is currently worth around 2.8 billion euros.

A communication tool that will also allow the local citizen, as well as businesses, to enter “Terna’s home” to take a real look at the progress made on the works of the major infrastructure projects, the number of businesses that took part in the tender and the names of the contractors to which the works were entrusted.

The culture of transparency and legality developed by Terna is the result of a path that began with the group's decision to pursue “Integrated security”, also through synergies and protocols with Institutional bodies, and which has today led the group to choose to publish all significant information on its works, region by region, on its website.

Starting from the individual sites, from Valle D’Aosta to Sicily, not only is the data on the sites available in terms of their locations and technical-descriptive aspects, but there is also information that defines management and the businesses present, progress made and economic focus.

This new online area particularly focuses on subcontracts. In order to find out more about these, each business operating on Terna sites has access to an innovative tool: the “Subcontracting Management” portal, which guarantees the unified, harmonised management of the authorisation stages of the process and compliance with legislative provisions.

With this initiative, which is the first of its kind in Italy for a private company” - declares Terna’s Chief Executive Officer, Matteo Del Fante - “we demonstrate once again that we do not only work for grid development but also make a voluntary, responsible commitment to guaranteeing increased security for businesses and the general public as a whole. We are proud to be able to say that with this new project, Terna makes another contribution towards facilitating a cultural transition that leads towards greater legality and transparency”. (only Italian version)



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