In December ERGO Italia, insurance group, answered the call of Greenpeace and of FAO for the safeguard of bees, thus supporting the project Bee My Future by LifeGate.

Adopting a hive and the about 30,000 bees that live in it is a concrete action for the protection and breeding of these precious insects in urban areas, according to the biological guidelines.

LifeGate’s hives are located in the outskirts of the city of Milan and contribute to the emission of oxygen, to biodiversity and to the preservation of our food security.

Outreach activities about the reduction of bees' number and the relevant global emergency, the production of honey - branded ERGO and personalized - and the Christmas greeting e-card dedicated to the preservation of these insects, so precious for life on our planet, have allowed the hum of the little bee that is the symbol of the initiative becoming even more intense and extense.

Because "Bees do not only make honey. Our future also depends on them."

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