Last fall Telecom Italia adopted its policy on Human Rights, because it helps to measure and monitor the integration of Human Rights in all its activities, it is required by its stakeholders (investors, commercial partners, institutions), by the rating agencies (such as FTSE4Good and DJSI) and by the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; also, because from 2017 companies like Telecom Italia have to include the information on Human Rights in their financial statements (EU Directive 95/2014).

By this policy Telecom Italia is taking a step forward in its long history in protection of Human Rights, because it believes that their respect is the foundation of freedom and justice in any community and because its core business is fundamental to ensure these Rights are defended. In fact, by the installation of new generation networks across the Country, eg. Telecom Italia contributes to ensuring to every individual the possibility of accessing to the right to freedom of expression online and to technologies that allow a better life (the right to knowledge, to information, to education, to social mobility, etc.). It also adopted the best technologies to ensure that the information flowing through its networks is protected and the privacy of its customers and of the people is respected, as well as it increased awareness of children against the risks of cyber-bullying.

Telecom Italia commitment’s to Human Rights is included in its Code of Ethics and Behaviour, which all its collaborators and partners have to sign up, and in all policies that are important for its stakeholders; it has also done a due diligence on all its activities, publishing the results, and has realized the training initiatives for all of its people.

The policy on Human Rights can be found on the website:



"Il valore delle partnership"
Interview with Daniela Bernacchi, GCNI
Rome, December 9, 2019

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