Officinæ Verdi has launched a new web channel: a blog section to talk about environmental and economic sustainability, smart energy, technology and green economy.

Fossil energies, to date mainly used in the world, are harmful for the environment: they are the cause of climate change and of the spread of natural disasters, the loss of biodiversity and food security reduction, the cause of the increase of environmental refugees migration. We need a new economic paradigm and a new energy model: invest on energy efficiency and on eco-efficiency products and services, could be a key lever of change.

Officinæ Verdi has the purpose of developing a model with returns of value, employment and environment, combining ethics, corporate sustainability and environmental protection: what we call "green economy applied".

With our blog we would like to tell our history through projects, goals, and challenges in which we are engaged and important issues we are involved. It will be an open channel, in which we will offer ideas and experience that encourage sustainable development choices and we will listen to proposals and comments related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart cities, green economy, sustainable development, climate change and green- tech from our supporters and new followers.

It is possible to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be updated about our projects and upcoming events. Alternatively, you can follow our social channels LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.



"Il valore delle partnership"
Interview with Daniela Bernacchi, GCNI
Rome, December 9, 2019

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