This year Terna's Sustainability Report 2015, in its eleventh edition, has over 150 indicators which together with contextual information and explanatory texts, give an account of Terna's performance in four areas of responsibility - for the electric, economic, environmental and social service - as well as describing the initiatives to listen to and involve stakeholders. The linking of the indicators to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals demonstrates Terna's contribution to the bigger goals of sustainable development on a global scale.

Over the course of 2015, Terna achieved environmental and social results which in some cases were better than ever.

Among these, the leak rate of SF6 - a gas with an extremely powerful greenhouse effect used for insulation inside some electrical equipment - out of the total installed fell to 0.44% (0.55% in 2014), an all-time low; direct emissions of CO2 fell by 14% (66,799.4 equivalent tonnes; 77,361 tonnes in 2014) and carbon intensity (the ratio between CO2 emissions and revenue) fell by 8.5%. The percentage of waste recycled rose to 92% (81% in 2014).
In the social sphere, training hours per capita hit an all-time high with 56 hours (43 in 2014), and involving 97% of employees, proof of Terna's focus on continuous training. Health and safety figures were also very positive, showing as well as the absence of fatal accidents, a consolidated trend of improvement, the result of intense training and information activities on the matter, together with the constant supervision which the management system is based on and which has, since 2007, maintained its OHSAS 18001 certification.

Among the objectives of the Group's Sustainability Plan, drawn up in 2015 and reported in the Sustainability Report, is the definition and adoption of a “Stakeholders management model”, the new set-up for relations with local communities affected by infrastructural operations, and the awarding of ISO 50001:2011 certification for energy efficiency. 

The Group's social and environmental performance in 2015, in some cases the best ever, shows how solid our business model is, where the question of sustainability is a key part of creating value, declared Terna's President, Catia Bastioli. Our commitment to making business objectives coincide with the major objectives of sustainable development has been acknowledged by leading international rating agencies and by the shareholders who have also chosen Terna for its sustainability performance."

Over the last decade the number of international sustainability indices in which Terna is rated has risen from 2 to 10. In 2015, at the annual review of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, Terna confirmed its position in the Dow Jones Sustainability World and Europe indices and was recognised as Industry leader in the Electric Utilities sector at a global level.

The document has been prepared in line with the “G4” guidelines of the international reporting standard GRI - Global Reporting Initiative and has been verified by the external audit company PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Terna's Sustainability Report 2015 is available in Italian and in English on the website



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