The Integrated Report describes how the Group applies a sustainable strategy to creating value that has a positive impact on society. By providing responsible lending, savings, payments and investment products, the Group enables individuals to improve their quality of life and enhance their financial stability. By providing finance to small, medium and large corporations and financing the development of key sectors, the Group contributes to economic growth and innovation. By improving financial literacy, promoting inclusion and gender balance and conserving natural resources, the Group also contributes to the achievement of sustainable development.

The Report details UniCredit commitment to generate value over time explaining Company's efforts to be an effective and efficient Group. These include for example how the Group is navigating the competitive landscape, how it's innovating and how it's investing in its people.

The Integrated Report 2015  presents some new features including:

  • the Group's materiality assessment has been enhanced to include the top trends with the biggest potential to impact banking industry in the next 10 years, according to Company's stakeholders;
  • as a further example of how integrated thinking affects the organization’s ability to create value over time, three Case Studies have been developed to show connectivity, using specific metrics to illustrate the links and relationships between UniCredit's various capitals.

link to the Integrated Report 2015



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