In April 2016, KPMG in Italy has supported Ashoka Italy during the annual workshop ‘This Works’, aimed at fighting unemployment by scaling up successful social entrepreneurship initiatives in Italy.

KPMG has hosted the event on social finance, contributing to the debate with a speech on measurement of social impact, encouraging the attending organizations to think at the value they create and the ways to leverage this approach for their stakeholders. On the same day, KPMG has offered the location for a networking event which has given broad visibility both to social entrepreneurs and Ashoka itself.

On the following day KPMG has given support to Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs by mentoring them in a one-to-one mode to review their business model, maximize their impact and then how to measure it.

KPMG is supporting Ashoka Italia in the framework of the firm’s strategic CR partnerships, together with the Innovation Team who looks after start-ups. The collaboration would consist in providing social entrepreneurs with pro bono advice, helping in setting the strategic direction. It also demonstrates consistency with the commitment to align CR and the core business and this collaboration is likely to position KPMG among the pioneers in the social enterprises market.



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