“Be sustainable today to be competitive tomorrow”. Sustainability is strategic in Enel and is fully integrated with all business functions. It is aimed at creating long-term value for the company and all its stakeholders. This approach is in line with Enel new Open Power vision, that implies listening and involving people and communities, linking social and economic progress.

The new Sustainability Report - Seeding Energies – recounts, through fact and numbers, Enel’s daily commitment in dealing with communities, in developing and motivating its people, in  the relationship with customers, for the protection of the environment, in investing in innovation and clean energy. The Report highlights Enel contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations at the end of 2015.

“There is an energy that is produced every day, which, once generated, belongs to everyone.
This energy is fuelled by ideas, passion and cooperation.
They are small and powerful seeds, from which grow tangible fruits: innovation
and progress, in tune with the world around us.
At Enel, that is how we define sustainability”.

SEEDING ENERGIES – Sustainability Report 2015



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