In the large cities of the Western World is undergoing a gradual and continuous process of integration of different technological networks providing basic services.
Communications, energy, transports and water’s network tend increasingly towards an interdependent functional model, leading a new technological city structure which, in a very briefly and efficient way, has been called “smart city”.

This is one of the background reasons for the activity started in 2014 by ACEA ATO2 SpA, the company - controlled by the ACEA SpA - who manages the Integrated Water Service in the wide territory of the former Province of Rome. The project regards the construction of 120 “Houses of Water” within year 2017, with a funding of around 3 million €.The goal is to give an innovative answer to the served municipalities that request to keep alive the roman tradition of the city's fountains.
The “Water Houses” are in fact an evolution of the traditional public fountains, especially the beloved romans’ “nasoni”, turned into real remote controlled-system, able to freely provide natural or sparkling  certified cooled water.

Each “House of Water” can provide up to 180 l/h and moreover, via plug-in, it allows the recharge of electronic devices while an informative monitor helps make the waiting time less boring for people using the apparatus.

Until now, 45 installation have been set up, including 18 in the Rome area e 27 in other cities served.

First results obtained in 18 months of operation (*):

  • 4.5 million liters delivered: 1,5 of still water and 3,0 of sparkling water
  • 800,000€ of savings to users generated
  • 182t of CO2 emissions avoided
  • 56t of plastic saved 


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