Sofidel has supported the Italian edition of the Living Planet Report, the WWF reference document that takes stock of the state of the Earth’s natural systems and the solutions to undertake to lead our society towards truly sustainable development. The biennial document has been presented in Rome in the Chamber of Deputies with the participation of Chamber President Laura Boldrini.

The 2016 edition is titled “Living Planet Report: Risk and resilience in a new era”, in reference to the geological age in which we are living, the Anthropocene. This definition, coined by Paul Crutzen, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, intends to stress the exceptional character of human intervention in the planet’s natural systems: man is absolutely central to the Anthropocene, his actions capable of affecting factors such as the climate and the earth’s surface, modifying their natural dynamics. Precisely in relation to this, the current process of transformation must be studied, learning to monitor and manage it as effectively as possible. Sofidel’s commitment to the environment has taken concrete form for some time in a series of initiatives, many of which alongside WWF, to support good practice for limiting environmental impact, reducing waste and promoting responsible consumption, within a “Less is more” philosophy that characterises the Group’s activity in its entirety.



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