KPMG has collaborated with Social Value Italia to jointly draw up the "Social Impact Glossary", a booklet which contains the main items related to the subject of social impact, giving a definition of them while stimulating discussion.

The document was born during one of the first meetings of Social Value Italia, when a challenge arose around some definitions of social impact. In fact, various actors both from profit and non-profit are using these words nowadays but often strive to understand each other.

The document provides the main definitions of the most frequently used terms around impact assessment, faced with the caution that the issue requires.

The ambition of this contribution was not to draw up a comprehensive glossary or to give final and conclusive definitions, but rather to build an 'open document' available for future integration that comes from constructive conversations between profit and non-profit.

The Glossary has been disclosed in Milan on October 26, during the presentation of the activities of Social Value Italia.



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