Approved by a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors on October 28th, the 2015 edition, edited by the External Communication team, is made in accordance with the G4 guidelines "Sustainability Reporting Guidelines" according to the "Core" level.

Sustainability, for Ansaldo STS, means to compete effectively and correctly in the global market, increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing value for shareholders and stakeholders and developing the skills and capabilities of its people. It means developing innovative solutions that create more environmentally friendly products from design to testing friendly, which can positively affect the quality of life.

With this document Ansaldo STS knows that to be competitive in the market not only means having the best product at the best price, but above all have a clear commitment to the community, understand their needs and turn them into opportunities for innovation. Ansaldo STS is committed to creating value for its customers, shareholders, workers and employees, and the communities in which it lives: references that have been and always will represent the compass of company management team. In that way this document has been edited: by responding directly to the stakeholders involved and then to their actual interests and information needs.

With this 2015 edition Ansaldo STS wanted to emphasize once again its belief in the fact that the company can leave a better world for future generations.

In recent years the world has changed radically, and simply put it is not enough to have a good product, but it is necessary to really understand social and customer needs and be able to create the right solutions and, above all, value for both.

We think about the concrete realization of our components or the design of a great line is: how can we, through our projects create value for the entire community, not only for those who specifically use our transport systems, but all the people who come into contact with them, to innovate and improve the quality of life” – stated Andy Barr – CEO and General Manager of Ansaldo STS and follows: “Our own answer is in the pages of this report: in our daily commitment to find new solutions and in the determination with which we face new challenges, our focus on the opportunities the future is offering us”.

With satisfaction Ansaldo STS can say that the culture of sustainability produces concrete facts. In 2015 the company completed and delivered 28 projects, installations and lines activated in different parts of the world, about 1800 km of lines and 70 stations equipped with its own technologies. Works carried out in line with this approach and ethics, as demonstrated by the key findings highlighted by the new edition of the sustainability report, such as:

  • new sustainability objectives defined in 2016;
  • Energy consumption per hour worked production sites –17.4%;
  • –8.3% greenhouse gas production;
  • 34.3% electrical energy from renewable sources;
  • –4.9% electrical energy consumption;
  • –27.5% total production of waste office sites;
  • 94.8% of total open-ended contracts;
  • 78,222 total hours of training;
  • 1st in Italy in the KWB Webranking Industry;
  • Ansaldo STS keeps its commitments to the United Nations initiative (UN Global Compact);
  • Ansaldo STS adheres to the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation as “Founding Member”;
  • Ansaldo STS participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) aimed at the implementation and monitoring of the commitments to reduce greenhouse gases.

Such statements have been subject to verification ("limited assurance") by KPMG in accordance with ISAE 3000 (revised). For further information about the subject of the audit and the procedures carried out by the independent auditor please refer to the "Report of the Independent Auditors' on the Sustainability Report".




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