OV Group has launched its Innovation & Sustainability Division, which helps organizations to follow a sustainable path. Innovation means not only technological development, but also to think differently. Every business activity must be conscious about its social impact, following green and circular economy principles, in a sustainability framework.

OV Group was born as a financial and innovation facilitator, to produce value and occupation ina green economy model, with a mainstream on energy business. With the development of such a division, OV Group enlarges its focus, becoming an engine of  a more global change of mindset.

OV® | Innovation & Sustainability Division helps organizations to improve new sustainable business models and to integrate innovations effectively in the core business; OV team supports corporations in every stage of the process, according to organization’s needs. The Division plays as an advisor in order to facilitate the corporations’ shift towards green and circular economy. Among its activities: Industry Sustainability Issues Mapping, Environmental Assessment and Certification (CO2, LCA, etc.) Climate change strategy, carbon assessment, reduction plan & energy management, Sourcing strategy and policies, Stakeholder engagement & ally building support, Communication strategy support and Sustainability Report.



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