During the Spring Meeting 2017, which is an event organised by the Sustainable Development Foundation in preparation for the States General of the Green Economy 2017, it will be presented the green economy Manifesto for the city of the future.

The event, organised every year by the Foundation, will be held in Rome on April the 5th.

The Manifesto suggests a seven points’ path to the city of the future:

  1. tackling the challenges that cities face by focusing on a green economy;
  2. tackling the challenge of climate change with adaptation and mitigation measures that focus on updated bioclimatic and energy systems;
  3. making the protection of natural assets and the ecological quality of urban systems central to re-launching architecture and urban planning;
  4. protecting and increasing the cultural capital, quality and beauty of cities;
  5. promoting urban regeneration and the renovation of existing assets;
  6. improving public buildings with innovative projects and by promoting a life-cycle approach;
  7. planning a desirable future for our cities.

Architecture and urban planning can play a key role if endowed with both a vision and awareness of the challenges of our time, as well as by the ability to develop and use research and knowledge together with the best technologies and practices available. A green economy is therefore a great opportunity for re-launching and regenerating our cities.

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