BNP Paribas has actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Education that, according to the Law 107, fosters educational innovation and the integration of young students in the Italian educational system. The goal is to integrate the school pathway of students with a knowledge and experience of career practices. BNL is committed to the project "School and Work", thus offering to the school the expertise of their "Masters of Trade", that is to say specialized colleagues that follow customers every day, for economic and financial education activities at school or in their own job places. The company undertakes, therefore, a new role: not only a workplace but also a place for studying and learning, testing, for job orientation and for joint exchange of experiences in order to contribute to the development of the person.

The project involves Technical Institutes, Scientific and Language high schools of the cities of Torino, Verona, Milan, Florence, Rome and Bari, according to the selection criteria identified by the Elis Consortium, for years engaged in school-work activities. For 2016-17, 20 hours training modules are provided to all students of the 18 schools involved in the project; in addition, 120 hours are devoted to 54 students selected in collaboration with school teachers, which will be hosted for four weeks at BNL headquarters. The dialogue between our company and the Italian school system wants to feed a virtuous circle to favor the orientation of future study or work choices, and the development of the intellectual capital by transferring to the students the know-how and current expertise of our company, therefore acting as a social innovation tool.

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