On the 9th of May took place the inauguration of the new kindergarten in Norcia, a structure that has been destroyed by the earthquake that hit the area last August. The new earthquake-proof building has been rebuilt thanks to the generosity and support of the Francesca Rava Charitable Organisation and KPMG employees. The structure, which occupies an area of 560 square meters, will host 125 children, who will be divided into four classes in addition to a class of nursery school (3-4 years old).

The program, which includes the rebuilding of the kindergarten structure, is part of a bigger plan, which aims at reconstructing the whole school district in Norcia including primary and middle school. After only four months since the beginning of the project, the inhabitants of the city of Norcia will be able to benefit from the new education complex. The structure is located within a non-seismic area and its capacity reaches up to 800 students.

The mayor of Norcia, the regional council member, the school headmistress, the project’s architect and the civil protection organisation, have participated to the inauguration event. Volunteer and testimonial of Francesca Rava Charitable Foundation Martina Colombari has been representative of the event. KPMG has taken part to the event together with other supporting organisations such as Gucci, Costa Crociere and other representatives of numerous factories among which it is possible to name Danone, Mapei and Amgen.

For KPMG, which managed to collect up to 70,000€, this project represents an initiative to be proud of as it states, in a concrete and tangible way, its commitment towards the community and its ability to be socially responsible.


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"Il valore delle partnership"
Interview with Daniela Bernacchi, GCNI
Rome, December 9, 2019

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