Registrations are open for the second edition of the Maris Master - II Level Master in Reporting Innovation Sustainability a.a. 2018-2019, which will open March 28, 2019 during the Salone della CSR e dell’Innovazione Sociale, a roman stop, organized at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". MARIS Master and Global Compact Network Italy have confirmed the collaboration for the second consecutive year. The fundamental point of the partnership is the formation to create a shared value and collaboration for the achievement of the SDGs.


Master MARIS ( is a postgraduate executive master a training of excellence on the subjects of Social Responsibility, Non-financial Reporting and Sustainable Development, in a cross-sectional perspective (Private, For Profit and Non Profit, and PA) and multidisciplinary (economics, biology, chemistry, engineering, jurisprudence, etc.), in accord to current trends at national and international level (Agenda 2030-ONU). Aimed to professionals and recent graduates (master's degree or four-year degree), in different disciplines. Maris’ duration is of 12 months, with a teaching period of 9 months (lectures and e-learning) and a period of at least 3 months internship in partner organizations or professional project work. The teaching period is organized in 7 Modules : Sustainable Development and Agenda 2030; Innovative management of Stakeholders and Network Management; Shared Value Creation; Analysis and impact assessment techniques; Social Reporting; Sustainable Value Chain; Collaboration and Social Innovation for sustainable development.
Facilitations and Scholarships to fully cover the registration fee:

  • 3 INPS grants for children / orphans of employees / retirees of the Public Administration
  • 5 INPS grants for employees of the Public Administration
  • 1 LAVAZZA S.p.A. grant
  • Discounts for recent graduates
  • Multiple Booking: reductions for groups from the same organization.
  • ISPM® and ASVIS certifications.




registrations open for the ii edition of the maris



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