In 2019, Sofidel is launching a series of communication initiatives entitled “NextGen” and dedicated to sustainability. These are aimed at and run by younger generations, as the future belongs to them more than it belongs to anyone else. Among these initiatives is the Group’s institutional annual campaign that features a child with a “tiger” face as protagonist to recall the objective #15 (Life on Land) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A young and already well-known artist-photographer, Roselena Ramistella, took the photograph.

Sustainability and new generations are also at the center of the recently published book Cambio Rotta (Changing course). Stories about sustainability and success. Five extraordinary Italian stories that show how sustainability is not a sacrifice or a duty, but rather an immediate advantage for those who practice it and especially for the planet and all its inhabitants. The book, published jointly by Mondadori Electa and Focus, was published with the support of Sofidel. Written by young authors who have travelled around Italy in search of virtuous stories, this book has been intended to help new generations better understand the importance of socially and environmentally responsible development.

Sofidel will present the publication through the voice of the young authors who wrote the book in the occasion of the 2019 edition of the CSR Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) – the journey along Italy to discover innovative experiences of sustainability. In particular, Sofidel will take part in the events in Pisa (March 13), Bari (May 8) and Verona (May 14), and in the “National Exhibition of CSR and Social Innovation” in Milan (October 1-2).



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