Inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and generational diversity with a focus on senior talent: these were the themes of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters Meeting promoted by the European Commission held at the end of January in Madrid in which Fondazione Sodalitas participated on behalf of Italy.

This event was part of the European Platform established by the European Commission which brings together the Diversity Charters of 22 European countries, including Italy. The Platform aims to promote the exchange of best practices among the companies participating in it and to develop synergic initiatives among the Charters of the various countries.

The Italian delegation of the Platform is made up of Fondazione Sodalitas which in Italy promotes the Italian Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, the declaration of intent for the dissemination of a corporate culture and of human resources policies that are inclusive and free from discrimination and prejudices.

The Italian Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work provides a reference framework for guiding the member companies in its application, containing not detailed requirements but programmatic lines whose definition and implementation is left to the member organizations.

Over 800 companies and public administrations had signed the Charter. Signing the Italian charter is free.

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