Salini Impregilo has won the title of “Best Employer of Choice” among university graduates in engineering and related fields in Italy, confirming its standing as one of the best places to work in the country.

For the third consecutive year, the Group was among the five best places to work in general, according to the results a survey of graduates conducted by Cesop Communication, a human resources consultancy. Among the top five, it ranked fourth, an improvement from the previous year.

This recognition from graduates as well as Salini Impregilo’s ability to remain at the top of their minds year after year is the result of an investment that the Group has been making in the recruitment and training of young talent at its construction sites throughout the world where about 35,000 employees from more than 110 nationalities work.

Salini Impregilo’s efforts on employer branding on various university campuses is helping the Group position itself on the international market. In the last three years, it has participated in more than 180 events.

The programmes that the Group has developed to attract talent include “Tomorrow’s Builders”, which began in 2015, and the Master’s in International Construction Management that it organises with the Politecnico di Milano university. In the last three editions of the Master’s, some 90,000 hours of training in the classroom as well as on the construction site have conducted with the participation of more than 50 experts and managers from the Group.



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