9 sustainable development targets to outline Edison's contribution to achieving the objectives promoted by the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) in line with the pillars of the Italian Integrated Climate Energy National Plan. The commitment, formalized in the Consolidated Non-Financial Declaration (NFD) 2018, takes shape in the Sustainability Policy and its medium and long-term targets. The targets concern the commitment to climate change, the drive for innovation and digitalisation, the attention to plurality and inclusion, proximity to customers and stakeholder engagement: https://www.edison.it/en/edison-commitment-to-green-energy-sustainable-development

«Edison is Europe's oldest energy company, with over 135 years of history. She has always been inspired by the principles of sustainability and innovation, which have allowed her to be a pioneer in electrification of the country, accompanying the economic development of families and businesses - said Marc Benayoun, Edison's CEO -. Today we continue in the wake of that tradition with precise targets in the belief that sustainability is a cornerstone of business development and value creation for the community ".

These commitments have been defined thanks to the comparison and listening to internal and external stakeholders. Meetings with the SDGs @ Edison Stakeholder Panel - the community made up of representatives of institutions, culture, the third sector and students - an exchange context on the challenges related to the future of the energy world. The targets, formalized in the NFD 2018, will be monitored over time according to the performance indicators (KPI), to assess their consistency with the continuous scenario evolution.



Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum