In the recent months, BNP Paribas has been involved in two important financial transactions in the field of sustainable finance. The first, with Snam, the energy group active in the transport, storage and regasification of methane, who launched a new bond loan called "Climate Action Bond" on 22 September 2018. BNP Paribas was among the joint bookrunner banks of the transaction. The income obligation will be used for the services offered by Snam with particular regard to improving the environmental impact; it will have 6.5 years duration and a size of 500 million euro. Not like a traditional green bond, the Climate action bond has a wider horizon; it allows financing or refinancing both green investments, such as bio methane or energy efficiency, and projects that improve the environmental impact.

Following in April 2019 BNP Paribas was Rating Advisor and Co-Green Structuring advisor of the emission of first green bond by ERG SpA. Erg placed a bond loan of 500 million euro to finance projects related to the production of energy from renewable sources, wind and solar. The bond will finance or refinance wind and solar energy generation projects of the Group, more than 100 investors present at the presentation roadshow and a request over 6 times higher than the offer. The role of BNP Paribas in these operations marks a further step, as a Bank and as a Global Group in the realization of his business strategy oriented to sustainability, to contribute to development of an economy, an environment and a society more and more positive.



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