lenteThe Italian association of CSR and sustainability professionals produced the position paper "Quality and sustainability in public procurement" in view of the transposition into Italian law of 23/24/25 2014 EU Directives on concessions and procurement of Public Administration and "special sector" contracting

The paper is the result of work done by an specific group composed of various members of the Network who have worked together to share a common position, to be offered later as a contribution of reflection to the broader audience of experts, observers and especially policy makers on the many innovative features introduced by the Directives.

In particular CSR Manager Network Working Group's attention has turned to the news introduced by the EU legislature on environmental and social aspects in the different stages of the buying process: the qualitative definition of requirements, the identification of the most reliable supplier and performing, monitoring and evaluation of the service provided, to the generation of positive social and environmental externalities, or the reduction of the negative ones.

The Network considers the management of the supply chain of the PA and big companies a powerful lever to raise the audience of the actors of the production system and increasing the rate of CSR in its internal dynamics of a strategic decision needed to cope to the great challenges of sustainable development: the adaptation of the necessary financial profit with environmental protection, fighting climate change, respect for human rights, social inclusion and affirmation of a corporate governance to combat corruption and oversee the integrity.

Consider, those expressed above, in line with international bodies such as the UN (Ruggie Report), the OECD, the EU itself has recently devoted significant regulatory measures to the supply chain with the Directive 2014/95 on the non-financial information and the circular economy, which outlines a new production model that will interface in the near future with a new model of consumption, hopefully activating a virtuous cycle that will improve both.


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